New Uber Eats feature has you covered this Mother’s Day – and beyond

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WHILE the “new” normal might not allow for the usual Mother’s Day brunch, the new socially distant reality has transformed how people connect with those they care about, leaving many looking for ways to feel closer to friends and loved ones. And if there’s one thing Uber Eats know to be true, food has a way of doing exactly that.

That’s why it’s making the process of sharing the love of food easier than ever – with a new feature in the Uber Eats app that allows customers to easily send treats and share the status of a delivery with a simple tracking link.

Whether Eaters are looking to surprise their Mom with doughnuts or cakes for Mother’s Day or brighten their day with their favourite meal, sending food to loved ones couldn’t be easier. With Uber Eats shareable, real-time tracking system, the person on the other side of the order can watch as their order arrives, and be ready to accept it upon delivery.

Ailyssa Pretorius, general manager for Uber Eats South Africa explains: “We’re using our platform to help ensure families can still celebrate the moments that matter. That could be sending your mom’s favourite chocolates her way or even a pizza to brighten someone’s day. You can cover both using the Uber Eats app and selecting their house as the delivery address.”

Uber Eats is making the process of sending, and receiving, a special delivery possible anywhere Uber Eats is available. Eaters can continue to social distance and spread love across provinces (without breaking restrictions) even oceans with the tap of a button.

“We hope you’ll share your love of food with the special people in your life, wherever they may be,” concludes Pretorius.

  • This will be a phased rollout; not all Eaters will have access to the feature immediately.
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