Laborie Wines welcomes an enchanting new bubbly


AS spring unfurls its vibrant tapestry across the landscape, Laborie Wines awakens from its winter rest to introduce an exceptional new entrant to its esteemed Cap Classique line-up. The Cap Classique Nectar Rosé is a mesmerising embodiment of the season, a true reflection of Laborie’s celebrated winemaking artistry. This radiant salmon pink sparkling wine is effervescing with the exuberance and beauty of springtime. 

Established in 1691, Laborie wines have endured as a paragon of excellence in the global winemaking scene. At the heart of this distinguished legacy is Laborie’s head winemaker, Kobus Van der Merwe, whose passion and mastery have become synonymous with the brand; his unwavering commitment to perfection in the winery is a cornerstone of Laborie’s sustained success. 

The Cap Classique Nectar Rosé’s dominant aromas of fresh red berries and plush cherry notes waltz elegantly across the senses. The palate is a beguiling concerto of creamy nougat and lush strawberries, perfectly counterbalanced with whispers of citrus. The mousse is refined and delicate, ensuring each sip is a waterfall of sheer pleasure.

Relish this new Cap Classique, best served chilled as a standalone delight or paired with a variety of spicy to fruity cuisine. Every sip is an indulgence in the splendour of spring, encapsulated in a bottle. This enchanting Cap Classique is poised to become the heart of your springtime festivities. 

Available online or at major national retailers. 

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