Love Life Festival to celebrate connection and creativity

Pichi Keane

POSTPONED from last year due to the floods that took out the bridge to McGregor, the inaugural Love Life Festival is now set to captivate audiences from April 26 to April 28. This one-of-a-kind festival, curated by award-winning internationally acclaimed producer/engineer and LGBTQ+ activist, Christi van der Colff, promises to be a deconstructed celebration aimed at fostering genuine connections through the mediums of music, art, and film.

Renowned for her work with top artists such as Mumford & Sons, One Republic, Zahara, Black Eyed Peas, and West Life, Van der Colff brings her passion for authentic expression to the heart of this festival. With a focus on intimate audiences and true connections, Love Life offers an array of experiences that transcend traditional festival formats.

Mark Fransman

Attendees can look forward to musical performances by Mark Fransman, Meg van Wyk and Juhlene while also indulging in the vibrant world of musical theatre and drag presented by the likes of Cathy Specific and Pichi Keane. Art enthusiasts will be treated to thought-provoking exhibitions featuring works by Joni-Leigh Doran, Annalien van der Colff, and Clare Menck, among others.

Film aficionados will be delighted by a curated selection of awe-inspiring films, including Love Me Till the End of Time, Call Me Miles and Defying Gravity: The Johaar Mosaval Story, each offering unique narratives that resonate with the festival’s theme of connection and resilience.

By Joni-Leigh Doran

The weekend will feature a blend of ticketed and free events, ensuring accessibility for all. From captivating concerts to immersive art installations and delectable food experiences, Love Life promises something for everyone. The festival will begin with a meet and mingle event hosted at The Blend; McGregor, with its timeless charm, provides the perfect backdrop for attendees to immerse themselves in the magic of art and connection.

In the words of Victoria Ericson, “We make art, not for recognition or applause but for connection, to people, to memory, to ceremony, to the earth, to water, to the deep fire within, to our own energy in the wings, waiting. We make art to connect to life.”

For more information and tickets, click here.

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