Eco-spa At Cape Town’s greenest hotel meets multiple top trends


CAPE TOWN is becoming a popular destination for wellness tourism. To meet the growing demand, Hotel Verde recently launched a luxury on-site spa facility, the Verde Vita Spa and Wellness Centre. This facility offers a wide range of traditional and innovative spa and wellness treatments, including a state-of-the-art infrared cabin. All treatments are tailored to meet the individual needs of each guest.

Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport is Africa’s greenest hotel, with a six-star Green Star certification from the Green Building Council of South Africa. It is the first in Africa and the sixth globally to achieve LEED platinum status for new construction. The hotel is also the world’s first to hold double platinum certification for both operations and maintenance. 

Spas can consume a lot of energy and have a large carbon footprint. However, international trends are moving towards eco spas – those that are adopting sustainable solutions. Verde Vita aligns with sustainable living and eco-friendly principles. It offers a serene escape with a plant-filtered swimming pond, jogging trail, and outdoor gym in a natural setting, allowing guests to focus on physical fitness and wellness.

Coupled with the menu of treatment offerings and its prime location close to the airport, makes this new entrant to Cape Town’s wellness offerings a perfectly on-trend facility for the burgeoning eco-conscious health and wellness tourism industry.

However, Verde Vita does not just focus on tourists and travellers.

Caron van Rooyen, general manager of Hotel Verde, explains they identified a need to target local Capetonians as well as nearby corporate businesses: “We have launched a corporate wellness offering combining onsite conferencing and restaurant facilities, if needed, with the spa facilities and treatments. In addition, we have launched three new offerings, including a convenient call-out service for businesses within three kilometres, rejuvenating Wellness Weekdays, a rewarding loyalty card programme, and complimentary treatments for frequent visitors.”

For more information on the ground-breaking hotel, Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport, and its special offerings, click here.



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