Loxtonia: Heritage, honesty, and sustainability in every bottle


LOXTONIA Cider, a local premium apple cider brand, prides itself on heritage, honesty and sustainability. The cider is not just a delicious beverage, it is a testament to the Whitfield family’s dedication and expertise in producing high quality products that tread lightly on the environment.

In 2013, the journey of making great cider began at Loxtonia farm, an established, family-run, apple export farm in the Ceres Valley. Inspired by his travels, farmer and now-cider maker, Larry Whitfield, saw an opportunity to create an “orchard to bottle” cider, and set out to explore apple blending, later opening the first cidery in Ceres in 2019. In less than five years since launch, Loxtonia Cider’s commitment to excellence was honoured on a global stage, taking home a gold award for its African Sundowner Cider at the Global Cider Masters in London last year.

“Our orchard to bottle philosophy is at the core of everything we do,” says Whitfield. “We believe in bringing to life the essence of the apple cider we make and capturing the goodness of this magnificent fruit in a bottle. Special care is taken in the orchard to grow each and every one of our apple varieties.”

With the operation powered by solar energy, the entire range is preservative-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly.

Loxtonia Cider offers a variety of ciders, catering to different preferences from crisp to fruity, as well as non-alcoholic ciders. To heighten an exceptional cider experience, Loxtonia Cider introduced its a tasting deck which provides the opportunity to savour the diverse range in a tranquil and inviting setting. The tasting deck aims to create a memorable experience that reflects the brand’s dedication to quality and sustainability.

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