Cape Town dancer on stage at Moulin Rouge in Paris


NOW performing twice a night, six nights a week, in the current show Féerie at Moulin Rouge, Chris Ncekana, 32, began his journey at the Dance For All school in Cape Town when he was just six years old, honing his craft through a diverse range of school dances (including Bovim Ballet, Jazz Art Dance Company in Cape Town) and experiences. From captivating audiences at the Macao Broadway Theater to gracing the decks of cruise ships for a decade, he has demonstrated an exceptional aptitude for dance. His artistic prowess extends to acting and modeling, highlighted by a starring role in The Woman King.

Chris Ncekana, Milan Crawford (left) and Erin Blanchfield, right

Hailing from a challenging background in South Africa, Chris found solace and purpose in dance, using it as a means to escape adversity and forge a unique path. His relentless determination to rise above circumstances and pursue education has been his driving force.

After auditioning last March in Paris, Janet Pharaoh, Moulin Rouge artistic director, invited him to join the cast of 60 dancers from 18 different nationalities. His triumphant arrival is the realisation of a lifelong dream.
A few weeks ago, his premiere was nothing short of sensational. “I had an amazing time on stage. The energy, the connection with the audience, it was surreal,” he shared. “Seeing smiles light up the audience reaffirms my purpose.”

Chris’s enthusiasm for the show is matched by some of his favourite moments on stage that resonate with his personality. The renowned French can-can, known for its complexity and exuberance, posed a thrilling challenge that Chris embraced wholeheartedly during his three intensive weeks of rehearsal sessions.

Chris Ncekana and Leonid Glushchenko

Created in 1889, the Moulin Rouge celebrates its 134th anniversary this year. Féerie is a spectacular show featuring 1000 costumes of feathers, rhinestones and sequins, sumptuous settings in shimmering colours, original music and the famous can-can.

PHOTO CREDIT: Philippe Wojazer

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