Artists line-up for IPAF 2020


INTERNATIONAL Public Art Festival (IPAF), organised by BAZ-ART, takes place in Salt River, Cape Town from February 12 to 16.

IPAF 2020 will once again bring more than 20 artists together in Salt River to paint large scale murals on buildings and houses throughout the community. Their inspiring work will bring colour, spark conversations, convey messages and will be for visitors and the residents of the community to enjoy.

This year’s lineup features an impressive mix of both local and internationally renowned artists, whose body of work ranges from large-scale murals in iconic cities around the globe, to artworks exhibited in well-established galleries and museums. Artists scheduled to participate include: Inti (Chile), Stephan Smit (SA), Ellena (SA) Keng (SA), Pipeled (Israel) , Michael (SA) , Meshos (Belgium), Luc Van Der Walt (SA), L7 Matrix (Brazil), King Debs (SA), Kilmany-Jo (SA), Jakes (SA), Dusabe G (Switzerland), Flavio (Italy), Chandler C (SA), BlackRose (SA), Bash (SA), Petra (SA), Pule (SA), and Mr Terez (France).

Through the festival, the organiser’s aim is to bring colour to the district of Salt River, and showcasing local and international talent and bringing art to the streets, thereby making it more accessible to everyone. The festival will be the launch pad for a number of programmes, including community gardens, art classes for children, support for spin-off businesses and other interventions aimed at community upliftment.

For BAZ-ART, the primary aim of the International Public Art Festival is to serve as a connecting agent, unifying communities, local businesses, artists and an array of different embassies under a shared mission of using art to transform lives, while empowering street artists to become change agents.

Attendance is free.

There will be guided tours, workshops and members of the public will be able to see local and international artists in action as they produce their works.

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