The legacy of Cathedral Cellar’s culinary and winemaking journey


KWV’s Cathedral Cellar is on a culinary journey to trace the origins of its prestigious wine brand to its very roots, by highlighting the foundational elements of wine and food.

It invites food and wine enthusiasts to join a culinary adventure alongside Cathedral Cellar’s chief winemaker, Justin Corrans, KWV’s chief viticulturist, Marco Ventrella and Cathedral Cellar ambassador chef, Mynhardt Joubert. With soil underfoot, hands stained by ripe grape bunches and aprons dusted with flour, this trio unites to dive into the heritage of a brand cherished by connoisseurs.

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  • Rooted in Story: Rustic sourdough pizza in a fig orchard

Under the shade of a fig orchard, the Cathedral Cellar team reflects on the symbology of the fig tree, one of the first fruit trees to be cultivated and a crucial indicator for ancient viticulturists assessing soil viability. In Latin mythology, the fig tree was dedicated to Bacchus, the deity of wine – a reverence mirrored in the heart of the eponymous brand home of Cathedral Cellar wines. Here, Bacchus is not only carved and immortalised on a majestic wine barrel but also comes to life through the brand’s augmented reality wine labels, dancing on the label of the Cabernet Sauvignon bottle, bridging the tangible with the mystical.

South Africa’s wine history is etched into the grand, intricately carved barrels that stand within the Cathedral Cellar. It reminds one that each wine tells a story, told through aromas and taste: like the strong scent of fig leaf in the multiple award-winning Cathedral Cellar Sauvignon Blanc, which reveals aspects of its terroir, and its very roots. 

“The journey to excellence begins with the basics, starting from the ground up. South Africa’s ancient soils offer a unique palate to our wines, connecting us directly to the land’s rich wine heritage,” says Justin.

In homage to Cathedral Cellar’s storied past, Chef Mynhardt crafts rustic sourdough pizzas, decked with gorgonzola and ripe figs baked paired with Cathedral Cellar’s Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Find the full recipe here.

  • Rooted in Artistic Expression: Enjoying vine-wrapped sardines in a vineyard 

Reflecting on the vine’s endurance through February’s severe heatwaves, Marco highlights the rich diversity Cathedral Cellar wines, showcasing winemaking’s inherent artistic nature.

From the vineyard, Marco shares, “Each Cathedral Cellar wine blends the finest of Cape’s vineyards, showcasing a regional harmony. This multifaceted expression extends into our cellar, where the winemaking team moulds nature’s beauty into wines of unparalleled artistry and quality. Nevertheless, Mother Nature remains the supreme artist, offering a palette for our creative journey.”

To echo this theme, Mynhardt prepared vine-wrapped sardines, stuffed with sultanas and served with grilled mosbolletjie bread and complemented by Cathedral Cellar Chardonnay and Pinotage.

View the full recipe here.

  • Rooted in Enhancement: Finding a wine match for lemon-smoked Greek lamb

Beneath a generous lemon orchard canopy, Justin and Mynhardt explore how Cathedral Cellar wines are made to complement culinary creations: “These wines, known for their refined style and complex flavours, are designed to enhance any dining experience, including dishes traditionally difficult to pair with wine due to their high acidity,” says Justin.

He adds, “Cathedral Cellar’s red wines benefit from extended barrel maturation. The Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc get complexity and enhanced flavours from prolonged lees contact.”

Mynhardt showcased this versatility with a Greek lamb shoulder recipe, slow-roasted and lemon-smoked on a Weber Original Kettle, accompanied by grilled vegetables and musabaha, paired with Cathedral Cellar Triptych and Shiraz. Of special note is the meat used in this recipe. Says Mynhardt: “When cooking with meat, the importance of origin is as important as it is for wines. For this recipe, I chose Wild Kalahari meat which originates straight from the Kalahari where the free-roaming animals graze on diverse pastures, leading to a more flavoursome meat which pairs exceptionally well with the rich and full-bodied character of Cathedral Cellar’s wines.”

View this link to full recipe.

The Cathedral Cellar wine brand was launched in 2018, during KWV’s centennial festivities, Cathedral Cellar was unveiled with the ambition to enrich South Africa’s wine story. It introduced a selection celebrated for its blend of classic refinement and modern winemaking innovations, and, later, trailblazing augmented reality labels that bring the brand’s wine labels, and stories, to life. Its offering includes a collection of red and white wines and a brand home, the eponymous Cathedral Cellar, an events venue that can be booked for delectable culinary experiences by chef Mynhardt Joubert. Click here for more information.

WIN with Cathedral Cellar, Weber South Africa and Willow Creek olive oil

Unlock an extraordinary culinary experience. Cathedral Cellar, in partnership with Weber South Africa and Willow Creek, invites all food and wine enthusiasts to seize a remarkable opportunity to win outstanding prizes. This collaboration is a toast to the seamless blend of tradition and innovation, showcasing Cathedral Cellar’s deep-rooted wine heritage, Weber’s state-of-the-art outdoor cooking solutions, and Willow Creek’s commitment to rich food traditions. Dive into an adventure that elevates outdoor dining to new heights with Weber’s unmatched cooking precision and safety, coupled with the robust flavours of Willow Creek’s premium virgin olive oil. Join us in bringing to life delectable recipes from Mynhardt, perfectly paired with the exquisite wines from Cathedral Cellar.

Runner-up rewards

  • Five lucky runners-up will each receive a tri-pack of Cathedral Cellar wines, valued at R600, ensuring a taste of a rich heritage.
  • A bottle of the exclusive Willow Creek Olive Estate Privé, valued at R600, to add a touch of luxury to your culinary creations.

The grand prize

  • One winner will be awarded the grand prize, featuring a case of Cathedral Cellar wines, valued at R1200 and offering a journey through our finest selections.
  • A bottle of Willow Creek Olive Estate Privé, valued at R600, to enrich your dishes with unparalleled flavour.
  • A Weber Anniversary Kettle Braai, valued at R8 699 as well as a Pizza Stone slab to perfect your rustic pizzas, valued at R1 499.

How to Enter

  • Make sure you’re following @KWV_CathedralCellar, @WillowCreekOliveEstate, and @WeberBraaiSA on Instagram.
  • Comment and tag a friend in the comment section. Who you would like to share a braai and glass of wine with?
  • Share the post on your story and tag @KWV_CathedralCellar, @WillowCreekOliveEstate, and @WeberBraaiSA to spread the word and secure your entry.
  • Competition closes on 28 March 2024.


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