Bliss in every bite with Macro Mixes


THE Macro Mixes team from Cape Town has harnessed the power of high-protein, sugar-free, and kilojoule-controlled bakes, porridges, and pantry staples, catering to the needs of everyone from devoted vegan enthusiasts to healthy snackers following a high protein diet.

“Food is an essential part of life, and it should be enjoyed to the fullest. We are grateful to contribute to your life in this way,” says Sheree Munro, the CEO and co-owner of Macro Mixes.

Macro Mixes is committed to providing healthy and delicious food while remaining steadfast in its values. “We strive to make a positive impact on people’s lives, spread happiness, and give back to the community,” says Ryan Sexton, the other co-owner.

In addition to its focus on health and wellness, Macro Mixes champions environmental responsibility, ensuring its products have sustainability and convenience at their core. Every product is locally produced and the packaging is 100% home compostable, reflecting the commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. Macro Mixes recognises the significance of maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle without sacrificing any fun or flavour, which is why it offers a series of meticulously crafted baking premixes, breakfasts, and snacks that enable you to remain dedicated to your dietary choices.

Visit the online store to learn more about the wide range of products, including vegan-friendly items. Join the Macro Mixes community on social media @macromixes.

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