Benny Masekwameng shares his top tips for braaing on a budget


ON the occasion of Heritage Day, BIC has partnered with brand ambassador, chef Benny Masekwameng, to share top braai tips on a budget. 

  • Presentation is key: For a breathtaking display, create a platter with the available spread you have. Lay out the products on a wooden board or an oven tray. To enhance aesthetics, simply cut and grill some veggies and add them to your layout. Voila! You’ll be ready to set and present your meal.
  • Premium tasting meat: Benny advises the simplest way to get premium tasting meat without paying the price is to buy beef chuck. For a quick braai, simply ask your butcher to cut it into thin slices and all that’s left is for you to quickly braai it. But if you have time, braai it whole, low and slow.
  • Braai the juiciest meat on a budget: Getting the juiciest braai meat ever is simple. Benny shares a four-ingredient hack for the best braai meat. Add and mix tomato sauce, soy sauce, fruit chutney and olive oil. Once mixed, add and massage onto your meat.
  • Don’t forget the side dish: A South African favourite for a braai is potato salad as a side dish. Here’s a trick to make it even tastier: slice par-cooked potatoes and toss them in a hot pan with olive oil. Add some salt and pepper, then lower your heat and add in sliced onions. Allow onions to caramelise slowly to infuse with the potatoes and that will give it a delicious flavour.
  • Kiddie’s corner: Create a section for the children where they can be entertained while you keep an eye on them. Offer them toys, crayons, games and you can even provide them with ingredients to make their own skewers and act as junior braai masters.
  • Wrap it up: We all know that great meals end with a delicious dessert. Benny believes this trick will help you add that last punch to your guests’ braai experience. All you need is some fruit and your fire. Grill fruits and once they are ready, serve them with ice-cream, cream or custard.
  • South African fondue: Another method to cater for those with a sweet tooth is to make a South African fondue. All you need is a small pot that can be placed at a low heat section of the fire. Toss in a few chocolate pieces and melt them with some cream in the pot. Grab your fruit skewers or some marshmallows on a stick, gather your guests around the fire, dip and enjoy!
Benny Masekwameng

These tips will help you save money on your menu but will still provide your guests with an unforgettable five star experience. Whether you’re looking to do a more traditional, meaty braai, or a contemporary, nutritious vegan braai, finding new and exciting flavours may be difficult. That is why BIC has partnered with Benny and BIC fans across South Africa to create the Ultimate Braai Recipe e-booklet that has you covered with everything from snacks and starters, skewers and kebabs, veggies and side dishes, to the main dish and even a sweet treat. 

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