Beat the lockdown blues with some greens


AND reds and yellows and all the other colours of the rainbow found in nutrient-rich veggies and fruit, too, of course. Last year, researchers from the University of Leeds in the UK found that consuming more fruit and vegetables improves your mental wellbeing. Their findings indicate that eating just one extra portion of fruits and vegetables a day could have an effect on mental well-being equivalent to about eight extra days of walking a month for at least 10 minutes at a time.

One of the authors of the study, Dr Neel Ocean, said that while further work is needed to demonstrate cause and effect, “the results are clear: people who do eat more fruit and vegetables report a higher level of mental wellbeing and life satisfaction than those who eat less.”

The trick, as most of us know, is getting in your full five a day, every day. Enter NutriBullet. For the past eight years, NutriBullet has been turning the nutrition industry on its head by delivering high-quality blenders to extract maximum nutritional value from your fruit and veggies at home, turning ordinary food into superfood. Now it has added two more products to its range – the Pro 1000 and the Blender Combo – which means everyone can find a NutriBullet to suit their lifestyle (and budget) – just push, twist and blend.

Pro 1000

The NutriBullet Pro 1000 (recommended selling price R3 199) is a compact powerhouse blender with ergonomically redesigned blades and cups, and a powerful 1000-watt motor which turns anything from strawberries and spinach to nuts into smooth, sippable nutrition. Along with smoothies, the NutriBullet makes delicious blended soups, dressings, desserts, all-natural ice creams, nut butter, dips and more (you get a recipe book with your NutriBullet to kickstart your superfood journey).

Take your nutrition extraction to the next level with the power, precision and versatility of the NutriBullet Blender Combo (recommended selling price R3 999, pictured at the top, and below). Equipped with multiple speeds so you have full control, the Blender Combo has a pulse function so your options for delicious meals are endless. The Blender Combo comes with a 1.6-litre pitcher so you can effortlessly switch between single or multiple servings. The Blender Combo can handle hot liquids, so put creamy, nutritious soups on your menu.

All NutriBullet pitchers and cups are made from super-durable, high-performance, BPA-free plastic. And they’re easy to clean: simply twist off the blades, rinse with soap and water, and put the cups on the top rack of the dishwasher.

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