KKNK Mothership Sessions: Roan Ash


ROAN ASH, one of South Africa`s most successful country-blues singers, has had his music streamed more than 30 million times by fans all over the world.The album titled Whiskey To My Soul, released in 2018, reached platinum status in less than a year after its release and paved the way to exciting new ventures in this super-talented musician’s career.

Ash has a unique presence on stage, which is felt in this special edition of the KKNK Mothership Sessions. His music tells stories that deeply affects his audiences. Ash says that his inspiration, when writing songs, stems mostly from personal experiences but he also enjoys it to create characters and stories. He played his Mothership Sessions show with Dawie de Jager on bass and vocals, Matthys Maree on piano and Riaan Diedericks on drums; the show goes live from Thursday, September 17 at 8pm and will be available until Sunday, September 27, 2020.

Working with the Mothership team was an exceptional experience, says Ash: “They have once again proved, that South African creatives have the ability to produce world-class productions.” Words from this bright young star who was invited to perform at the CMA festival in Nashville in 2019: “For me Nashville is the music capital of the world. I was privileged to share the stage with great South African musicians and realised at the time that our homegrown music is worthy of any world stage.”

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  1. Buy a ticket for each show that you would like to watch, exactly as you would buy a ticket for a regular concert, at Webtickets. *You need to create a profile and fill in your contact details if you do not have a profile already.
  2. On the night of the show, switch back to Webtickets, login, go to My Account, and then click on My Tickets. There will be a link that goes live at 8pm. Then click on this link. The player will open automatically, and you can watch the show.

More information, and the full programmr for the KKNK Mothership Sessions music series is available here. You can also donate to the TRIBUO Fund while purchasing tickets. This relief fund was set up to support those involved in the performing arts during the Covid-19 pandemic. More information is available here.


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