Enjoy a December well spent with Backsberg Family Wines


BACKSBERG Family Wines invites wine enthusiasts and holiday adventurers to experience a truly exceptional season filled with the finest vintages and delectable cuisine.

Backsberg’s Family Tree range is the perfect complement to all holiday cheer, featuring the multi-awarded Smuggled Vines Chardonnay—the ideal companion for summer sipping and all adventures — as well as the John Martin Bordeaux Blend and generous Pumphouse Shiraz.

As you get ready to gather around fully laden festive tables, prepare to be captivated by the pinnacle of the collection, The Patriarch. It’s a true showstopping, singe varietal Cabernet Franc, ideal for being the centrepiece of your holiday feasts, pairing beautifully with a variety of dishes to elevate your celebrations.

For those planning to visit the Cape this holiday season, the doors to the new brand home of Backsberg in Franschhoek are open. Offering unrivalled mountain vistas and a relaxed, welcoming ambiance, it’s the best place to put your feet up and enjoy the very finest of South African hospitality.

The new summer menu has been crafted with the essence of the season in mind, catering to all palates. Enjoy a selection of mouth-watering dishes, such as The Grazer board- a selection of delightful nibbles, just right for family sharing. Black West Coast mussels, served with a creamy Sauvignon Blanc sauce and freshly-baked bread; and a gourmet take on the open roast beef sandwich are new must-try dishes while other summer favourites include the smoked chicken and cranberry salad, as well as springbok carpaccio – all showcasing a deep commitment to supporting local artisans and mindful sourcing. The kitchen team’s philosophy echoes the sustainability-focused essence of Backsberg’s approach and the belief that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, ensuring every guest is in for a culinary treat.

“Backsberg Family Wines has always been about more than just wine. It’s about creating lasting memories with friends and family,” says Bianca Lenhardt, marketing manager. “This December, we invite you to become a part of our extended family, savouring not only our exquisite wines but also the warmth and hospitality that has been our hallmark for over a century.”

For more information or to shop online, click here, or email [email protected]

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