Tiny creatures live large on Disney+ in A Real Bug’s Life


INSPIRED by the World of Disney and Pixar’s A Bug’s Life, the new Disney+ Original Series from National Geographic, A Real Bug’s Life, is an incredible adventure into nine different micro bug worlds around the globe, where the forces of nature play out on a miniature scale and where tiny creatures rely on amazing powers and extraordinary alliances to make it through each day.

The stakes are high … even if the critters are extraordinarily small. With new developments in filming technology and narrated by fun and witty guide Awkwafina, follow the incredible stories of the tiny heroes living in worlds beyond the imagination — from a jumping spider looking for a home on the streets of New York to a Costa Rican orchid bee’s first day on the job making perfume. Full of mind-blowing new behaviors and larger-than-life characters, this family-friendly series shows that A Real Bug’s Life can be every bit as fantastical as any animated film, and premiered on Disney+ on 24 January.

In episode one, The Big City, there is bustling humanity, but it’s also home to some of the most daring bugs on the planet. Join a male jumping spider as he battles for real estate, a voracious fly as it dodges death, and cockroaches that emerge from a secret “bugway” under cover of darkness. In the concrete jungle, only the streetwise can hustle for a living.

Welcome To The Jungle is episode two. In the rainforest of Latin America, two tiny, newly hatched bugs – a brilliant orchid bee and a leaf cutter ant – strike out into a bewildering world. There are more bug species here than anywhere else on Earth, each with an important role to play. These two newbies must quickly figure out how to fit in and survive on their first day on the job.

Watch the trailer here.

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