Ride the cable car to the top of Table Mountain for a year with this prize


THINK Cape Town and you can’t not immediately picture our most famous landmark, Table Mountain.

It features in so many views of our city, from so many angles. Some people like to climb it or walk around on it; others prefer the experience of riding to the summit in the cable car. It can be a bit expensive, let’s be honest, for Capetonians who don’t have the benefit of fistfuls of foreign exchange, but there are ways to get up there that won’t break the bank.

The most obvious is your free birthday trip which is available to everyone over the age of 18 who has a valid South African ID. The ticket can only be collected either on the actual date of your birth (before 4.30pm even if the cableway is closed) or up to seven days afterwards.

Seniors – over the age of 60 with South African IDs – get discounted rates every day, card-carrying students ride for less on Fridays, while the sunset special (after 6pm, peak season Ts&Cs) gets locals to the top for half price. It’s our mountain too, so make the most of it!

Then for the avid mountain fans there is the Cable Card which gives you access to a return trip every day for a year, at a vastly lower rate. For example, an adult return trip is between R290 and R330; a Cable Card costs R750 (which also makes a great gift, just saying). You can do the sums. This month, all subscribers to the Eat Play Drink Cape Town website (i.e. this site where you are now, with a conveniently located form to fill in) will be in a draw to win two combo adult/child Cable Cards, valued at R850 each. Simply sign up for the email notifications and you’ll be eligible, plus you’ll be alerted when I post new stories.

Bella, queen of the world!

On top of the mountain, you can walk around with a VoiceMap audio tour, sit still, look at the scenery, abseil over the edge, have a picnic or high tea, take hundreds of photos, and generally marvel at the beauty of Cape Town from just over 1000m above sea level. Whether you’re doing it this way, or walking/climbing, always respect the mountain…it can get chilly unexpectedly – and often fast – so always make sure you take A Warm Thing.

The Cableway’s operations are weather-dependent, so click here, follow on Twitter @TableMountainCa, or call the weather line on 021 424 8181 for updates. The website has all the information you need, including the sliding rate scale and times of the last cars up and down.


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  1. Ramona says

    How amazing I’ve never been on the cable car before

  2. MarkGavin Sylvester says


  3. Denver says

    Really would like to go on the cable car this holiday.Been up the mountain a few time alone for work purposes but will take family with me next time.

  4. Wendy Meijer says

    Would love to win this

  5. Nadia Williams says

    One of the wonders of the world it would be amazing to win this awesome gift

  6. Avril du Preez says

    Would love love love to win this prize so much

  7. Nadine Carroll says

    I just can’t get enough of beautiful Table Mountain and the breathtaking views of the Mother City from up there ? What a fabulous prize to win for a whole year! #PleasePickMeAsTheLuckyWinner ???

  8. Nadine Carroll says

    I just can’t get enough of beautiful Table Mountain and the breathtaking views of the Mother City from up there ? What a fabulous prize to win for a whole year! #PleasePickMeAsTheLuckyWinner ???

  9. Natalie Vos says

    How awesone this would be

  10. Heleen Niere says

    This is one amazing price. I’ve been privilege enough to go up table mountain on various occasions, but every time I have such a great time and feel its money well spend

  11. Ragmat baron says

    Wow amazing

  12. Letecia Swartz says

    Wow, awesome prize

  13. Jackie Barnard says

    I just love the mountain, nature and the awesome views from the top!

  14. Audrey Cresswell says

    Would so love to go up and watch the sunset ,go for coffee x scones or lunch

  15. Linda Isabel August says

    Capetown is the most beautiful City.
    Table Mountain is amazing. I went there a few times but will never get tired of seeing it.
    I will. Most definitely go again.

  16. Colleen says

    The best thing about Caoe Town! Every day I gaze at the mountain from one of our office windows. Sometimes I time it right and get to see the cable cars ?

  17. Angela says

    TAble Mountain is home. I wish I could win tickets to my favourite place in the whole world.

  18. Thea lennox says

    Would be so awesome

  19. Bryant Alexander says

    Wouldo love to take my grandkids when they come visit for holidays

  20. Sheila Alexander says

    What a great gift to spoil my grandchildren

  21. Taufeeqah Davids says

    This would be so amazing for myself and little boy❤️

  22. Jasmina says

    Wonderful prize

  23. Melanie Cerqueira says

    Would be awesome to win the Cable Cards. Summitted via Platteklip Gorge a week ago out on the trails and had to pay for 2x full one-way ticket price to go down.

  24. Charmaine September says

    In it to win it!

  25. Melanie Jenkins says

    Awesome prize – would get a few people off the couch!

  26. Beryl says

    Would love to take this adventure on

  27. Thea lennox says

    Wow would be so awesome

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