Prime Circle to rock the cyber waves


SOUTH AFRICA’S rock royalty, Prime Circle, will be performing to 200 000 of their fans across the globe online on August 8, 2020. The concert is set to go live at 7pm across the globe (including their strong and growing fan base in Europe).

After 20 years and still going strong, rock legends Ross Learmonth, Dale Schnettler, Neil Breytenbach, Marco Gomes and Dirk Bisschoff, will be performing songs off all their albums, including hits like Always Gets What She Wants to Ghosts, and Breathing.

Says Learmonth: “We’re in a new world and we all have the urge to perform and work and we have to adapt. When exciting opportunities such as doing a live virtual concert arise, we see it as exciting and an evolution and evolvement of who we are.”

For the band, this means anything is possible. They will produce a show that was once only imaginable with moving sets, international guest artists, flames, explosions making this a “monster” of a show.

Fans can buy tickets online for R120.

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