Jamie Jupiter will present his new album at Café Roux in Noordhoek


JAMIE JUPITER will present his new album First Team Daydream at Café Roux in Noordhoek on Wednesday, June 19, 2019, where he’ll perform with Roger Bashew on bass and Carlo Fabe on drums, and special guests.

First Team Daydream is Jupiter’s second album and the fruit of many years of writing and re-writing, composing and reworking.  The eclectic genres of the album range from folk and jazz to blues and reggae, and are testament to Jupiter’s versatility as a musician. Legendary Robin Auld, founder of Shoreline Songs, recorded and produced this work although respected guitar guru, Willem Moller, recorded some songs at an earlier stage in the process. Jupiter plays guitar, bass, harmonica, percussion and vocals, while some fabulous guest artists contributed to songs on the album: Buddy Wells (sax), Rayelle Goodman (violin), Jonno Sweetman (drums), Jonny Blunder (guitar), Gene Kierman (French horn), Joe van derLinden (bass) and Nick Turner on guitar and backing vocals.

The album’s general theme is dreams, moving from a state of wakefulness into the dream state and back to reality again. Each song speaks of dreams and aspirations, visions and states of longing; the completion of the album is a long awaited dream come true too.

“I was so good at daydreaming in my school years I could have made the team, if there was a team for daydreamers. Later in life, I discovered I wasn’t the only one!” says Jupiter.

Book here for the show, and see more info here.




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