Inaugural exhibition Within These Four Walls at Curiocity Africa

Mam’ Tyilibe, 2021, by Sylvester Falata

CURIOCITY AFRICA, in collaboration with Talent Connoisseur Management, will launch an inaugural exhibition, Within These Four Walls, at Curiocity Africa in Green Point on Sunday, January 28. 

Exploring local and international emerging artists, the exhibition seeks to create an atmosphere of ease and intimacy, aligning with Curiocity’s mission to build connections with travellers on exciting, inspiring and real local art. This exhibition will serve a cultural cannon, spotlighting the thriving cultural tapestry in South Africa. 

Sea Point Promenade, 2023, by Sodam Lee

“Art cannot exist without visibility. We need to create spaces to allow artists to thrive. Interiors, as spaces of everyday life, can encompass a range of emotions and experiences. This exhibit challenges the traditional assimilatory perspective of interior spaces, transforming them into ones that are curious, expansive, and inclusive,” says curator Zimasile Mjokozeli.

The collection of contemporary, conceptual, and socially charged artworks is by 10 local and international artists such as Viviane Herzog, Matt Potter, Siya Mahomba, Hugo Kabeya, Sylvester Falalata, Tsebo Mokoena,Khomotse Phetla, Sodam Lee, Theo Potgieter and Andrei Damane. The juxtaposition of their work invites the audience to connect, reflect, and engage with narratives and emotions that universally bind us. 

‘The Weeping Man Series, 2022, by Andrei Damane

Join this celebration of art, identity, and cultural exploration as interior spaces are transformed into portals of curiosity and inclusivity. Within These Four Walls promises to be a visually appealing experience that resonates with the vibrant spirit of Cape Town. 

  • What: Within These Four Walls
  • When: 28 January – 31 April
  • Where: Curiocity Africa, Green Point
  • Info: 067 933 4697 (WhatsApp)
  • Social Media: / @talent_connoisseurs / @zimasile.m 
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