Festive lights switch-on event in Adderley Street shines again


TAKING place on the Grand Parade and along Adderley Street in Cape Town, the City of Cape Town’s largest open-air free entertainment event, the annual festive lights switch-on, which celebrates the official turning on of the Festive Lights in Adderley Street, will take place on Sunday, 27 November 2022. Back in its original format after a two-year break due to restrictions because of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, this annual event highlight and entertainment delight is getting set to welcome families from all over the Cape Metropole.

The theme for this year’s extravaganza celebrates Capetonians’ resilience, and how, as a united force challenges can be overcome. Cape Town – City of Hope encapsulates that feeling of expectation, promise and irrepressible energy that is wrapped up in all the people who call the city home. The entertainment programme will begin at 4pm with the official switch-on moment expected at around 8.30pm. The entertaining line-up has been finalised, including Mi Casa, Emo Adams, Will Linley, Abavuki, Sasha-Lee and more.  The evening will wrap up at 10pm, with a spectacular choreographed video mapping lights displayed across City Hall, always something that sparks wonder and awe for those lucky enough to be there.

Festive Lights Switch on event Grand Parade

For the first time, the festive lights switch-on event will be powered by renewable energy, thanks to the green credits banked by the City by way of the Darling Wind Farm, with whom the City has a partnership.

Social media handles: #CTFestiveLights #CityOfHope. Follow the fun on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter for competition and giveaway announcements.


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