Critically acclaimed drama The Good Dad/Die Goeie Pa for Baxter

Erika Marais in The Good Dad. Photo by Jeremeo Le Cordeur

CAPE TOWN audiences have the chance to catch the new South African production of Gail Louw’s internationally acclaimed play The Good Dad in both English and Afrikaans (Die Goeie Pa). The different language productions will run at The Baxter’s Masambe Theatre in February. The Good Dad will be performed from 13 to 18 February, with Die Goeie Pa presented from 20 to 24 February.

A happy family. A good father. Everyone thought they were a lovely family. But every family has something to hide and drawn curtains hide dark secrets. Die Goeie Pa explores the dramatic journey of three characters, a mother and her twin daughters, and the psychological effects of their abuse: denial, guilt, jealousy and Stockholm Syndrome. The play is a powerful but gentle telling of a devastating story,  a moving account of survival and redemption.

Die Goeie Pa is created by the award-winning creative team that brought us The Unlikely Secret Agent, which was nominated for eight Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards, with Paul du Toit winning Best Director. Presented by Unlikely Productions, the play features Erika Breytenbach-Marais, who received her second Fleur du Cap Theatre Award nomination for Die Goeie Pa following its premiere at The Drama Factory in 2022.

Du Toit translated the text into Afrikaans for Die Goeie Pa and once again collaborates with Erika to direct her in this play.

Comments about the South African production include, “An exceptional piece of gritty story-telling…must-see theatre” (Broadway World), “Erika Breytenbach-Marais is verbysterend in haar vertolkings” (Litnet) and “Bravo to Erika Breytenbach-Marais….this carefully crafted play, scrapes deep into the emotional journey of the protagonists.” (The Cape Robyn).

Bookings can be made at Webtickets. PG 16 (mature content, GBV).

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