Solento Taste Festival South Africa showcases premium tequila


AWARD-WINNING USDA-certified Solento Organic Tequila is capturing palates across the country one sip at a time with Solento Taste Festival South Africa – sharing exclusive tasting experiences that emphasise the art of appreciating fine tequila.

In a world where everything moves quickly, Solento Organic Tequila embodies the art of slowing down and being present. This philosophy can be found in its name, Solento, based on the Spanish translation of the words “slow sun”. Solento Taste Festival South Africa takes this philosophy to heart by creating immersive tasting experiences that highlight the exquisite flavours of Solento Organic Tequila in a carefully curated menu. Working in collaboration with local bars, each tasting is paired with signature dishes of the respective bars, only heightening the overall experience.

Your Solento Taste Experience showcases two Solento Organic Tequila variants:

  • Solento Reposado: aged in American oak barrels for nine months, earning slightly sweet notes of caramel and citrus. Solento Reposado won Platinum Best of Class at the 2022 Sip Awards.
  • Solento Añejo: aged for 18 months in American Oak barrels, earning smooth notes of buttery maple, toasted hazelnuts, and a hint of oak. A sip so smooth it’s recommended to enjoy neat or simple over ice.

Solento Organic Tequila is proud to say all its tequila is made from 100% USDA-certified organic blue agave. No additives are used and the agave is harvested in small batches from a single estate. The tasting itself introduces you with a Solento Reposado and a Solento Añejo perfect serve (over ice with a slice of orange or lemon), allowing you to fully appreciate the intricate profiles of both tequilas. The experience is rounded off with a Solento signature cocktail, the Spicy Paloma.

For more information on the Solento Taste Festival South Africa, follow Solento Organic Tequila on social media platforms, Facebook @solentotequila, and Instagram @solento_southafrica; for more information about Solento Organic Tequila, click here.

PHOTO CREDIT: Nocturne Bar

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