From city to island, Thailand offers the dream holiday of a lifetime


IT’S easy to get carried away with the adjectives when describing a holiday in Thailand; it’s so exquisite you can hardly believe it’s a) real and b) you are actually there.

As a country it has much to offer the South African traveller. No visa is required, the exchange rate is still quite favourable, and there are destinations ranging from the sensory overload of Bangkok to the cool jungle, to the breathtakingly beautiful islands and beaches – available for tight budgets all the way up to “money’s no object”. Every photograph you’ve ever seen of crystal clear waters and snowy white beaches is the truth; no filters, no Photoshop required. The spectacular sunsets, which are a riot of oranges, pinks and purples, are the rule rather than the exception.

Photo by Bianca Coleman

Add to that delicious food, friendly people full of smiles, and a climate which rarely requires long sleeves or pants (other than when visiting temples) and you have the perfect holiday.

On my recent whirlwind trip which was never going to be long enough, I spent a night at Belmond Napasai on Koh Samui. The island is a one-hour flight from Bangkok, operated almost exclusively by Bangkok Airways, which delivers planeloads of locals and tourists almost hourly throughout the day. There are other ways to get there but they are long and tedious and solely for the younger traveller who can still see the romance in hot ferries, buses and trains. I’ve done it that way and I heartily recommend you suck up Bangkok Airways’ fare monopoly and spend more time on the beach.

As you arrive at Belmond Napasai, you might well do a double take when you see the water buffalo grazing – more surrealism. You arrive at the main building to be checked in with a bowl of coconut ice cream and a cool drink of water, after which you’ll be escorted to your villa – one of 45 nested between cashew and coconut groves, hibiscus and bougainvillea.

Photo by Bianca Coleman

Built on a slope stretching up into the trees, you enter the villa up a short stairway with a very nifty Do Not Disturb device – a rope to close off the top of the stairs. A veranda is furnished with a table and chairs with a view of the sea through the palm trees. Inside, teak furnishings, bamboo and traditional weavings bring the feel of nature.

The “lounge” has two day beds facing the television, a platter of fresh fruit – always cut so artistically – close at hand. Through this room is another of equal size where you’ll find the bathroom, vanity and dressing area with all the amenities like robes and slippers, tea and coffee, and lots of water which is replenished as required. Everything is decorated with purple orchids which are as common as daisies here, and the bed was like a giant marshmallow cloud.

Photo supplied

Once you are at the resort, you have some choices. These are difficult choices, the first of which is “do I lie by the pool or on the beach?”. I opted for the latter, and a nice young man swiftly prepared a lounger and umbrella for me, and an island-style cocktail materialised soon after. Mynah birds hopped around, demanding attention, and I contemplated the water gently lapping at the sand. If you want to actually swim you’re going to have to wade quite far out. I settle for going thigh deep and then sitting down, in the interests of saving some time. Several water activities like stand up paddling and kayaking are included in your stay here.

Other complimentary activities include yoga, massage classes, muay thai, bicycle tours as well as various food classes from fruit and vegetable carving to Thai sweets. You’ll get your printout of all these weekly activities when you check in.

Photo by Bianca Coleman

In addition, the hotel can arrange all sorts of tours and day trips for you to explore Koh Samui by land or sea, and also offers more extensive activities which are for your account. I squeezed in a cooking class which was designed for a successful outcome, although I was responsible for my own final seasoning so I’ll take credit for that when I tell you the result was four spot-on delicious dishes.

Later that evening there was a “barefoot beach buffet” which I took literally; at that point, even the flimsiest of sandals seemed redundant as I fully embraced the island lifestyle. Tables are set up on the sand, and the palm trees festooned with fairy lights and lanterns. It was so magical I could have wept with joy.

Photo by Bianca Coleman

Besides the beach restaurant, Napasai has the Lai Thai restaurant where you’ll be able to tuck into traditional Thai dishes, as well as the Infinity Eatery & Bar for casual pool-side refreshments.

If this is still not enough, there is a fitness centre where you will receive complimentary coaching, a spa, and tennis courts. If you simply must work, there is also a business centre.

Honestly, why would anyone want to leave?

Photo by Bianca Coleman


In the hospitality industry, the price you see on the menu or website is not always the final amount. Government VAT is added afterwards, and often a service charge as well, so be aware of this when you settle your bill. In addition, payment with any card, credit or otherwise, will incur an additional one or two percent. Just because. On the plus side, exchanging cash at any of the many street kiosks seldom requires paperwork.


Address: 65/10 Baan Tai, Maenam, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84330, Thailand

Telephone +66 77 429 200

Email: [email protected], or click here for more information.

  • This story first appeared in Independent Travel on March 30, 2019


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