National Braai Day – Jan Braai reveals his potjiekos secrets


IN celebration of National Braai Day tomorrow, September 24, Jan Braai’s newly launched range of Potjie Sauces hopes to inspire South African’s to unite around the fire by adding zest and relish to the age-old potjiekos favourites – a dish best prepared with a variety of ingredients, typically meat and vegetables, layered in a round cast-iron pot and placed on open coals. This humble tradition can reach new levels of taste with these best kept secrets.

“With more than 17 years of experience, I’ve travelled the world to discover the best kept secrets in potjie-making and it’s worth sharing these as we celebrate National Braai Day,” explains Jan Braai. Here are his tips for the perfect potjie.

  • Begin with a searing hot potjie over direct flames. We want to quickly brown the meat and onion with some oil. At this stage the meat needs just salt and pepper.
  • If after the searing part, bits of onion or meat are sticking to the bottom of the potjie, add a dash of water to scrape it loose and move the potjie to an area of less intense heat.
  • Now the vegetables and the relevant pouch of Jan Braai Potjie Sauce. The sauce contains all the other herbs, spices and flavours that the potjie needs. The liquid in the potjie together with the liquid that will naturally be released by the vegetables as it cooks will get you to a perfect liquid level at the end. We’re not making soup!
  • Trust the system. Do not stir the potjie excessively as this will break up the vegetables. Gently loosen any bits of vegetable or meat that gets tuck to the bottom of the potjie and let the potjie simmer with the lid on until the meat cooks loose off the bone. Times of respective meats are specified on the back of each pack.
  • Jan Braai Potjie Sauce pouches are available in Lamb, Chicken and Oxtail. If you follow the steps above and use exactly the vegetables specified on the back of each pack, you will create a memorable success.
  • Clean and dry your pot after use and coat the inside with baking spray to ensure that the potjie does not rust and is in perfect condition for the next time.

The Jan Braai range of Potjie Sauce, Basting Sauces and Chilli Sauces will be available from all major retailers across South Africa.

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