Charity begins @ home for Steenberg


STEENBERG executive chef Kerry Kilpin and her team have joined hands with surrounding communities, providing meals for the growing number of families affected by job losses because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Working closely with the Westlake Worship Centre, Kilpin has pledged to deliver 3 000 nourishing meals per month to bring relief to people in need. This community initiative is being bolstered by donating three meals for every take-home food order placed through Steenberg @ Home.

What began as a commitment to continue providing meals to Kilpin’s own staff during lockdown, has evolved into a wider outreach into the surrounding communities of Westlake and Steenberg. School closures have placed children in these communities at particular risk as they are no longer getting their daily meal at school.

Chef Kerry Kilpin cooks a nourishing meal

“As many of our staff reside in these areas, the Westlake Worship Centre was chosen as a central point, easily accessible for both our staff and the community. These are challenging times for everyone, but there are a few of us more fortunate than others and it is a humbling experience to be able to assist where we can,” says Kilpin.

Pastor Franklin Dennison has been running the Westlake Worship Centre for over two decades. This self-funded religious organisation offers various youth upliftment programmes and assists the elderly within the community when funds allow it.

“Chef Kerry and her team have been a great blessing to us. We’re feeding over 100 people a day – children, adults and the elderly. Many within the community find themselves unemployed and it has been a struggle before lockdown but more so now to continue feeding them,” says Franklin, who, despite being a retired artisan painter, continues to do odd jobs to raise funds for the centre.

Feeding the hungry at the Westlake Worship Centre

Hearty winter meals are served daily at the Westlake Worship Centre to anyone in need from Mondays to Saturdays from 3pm and Sundays from 12hpm. People who would like to get involved and support the centre, can contact Pastor Franklin on 083 727 5813 or 021 712 7695.

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