95 Keerom dishes up real Italian pizza in the CBD


CHEF Giorgio Nava, famous for his top notch Milanese cuisine at 95 Keerom, has set his culinary sights on making real Italian pizza with the finest authentic ingredients at his landmark restaurant in Cape Town’s vibrant CBD.

The new pizza menu offered daily in addition to his regular 95 Keerom fare, comprises five Italian classics. Besides the signature old school Italian toppings, what sets the 95 Keerom pizzas apart is the enhanced flavour and light texture of the artisanal bases.

“Our pizzas are leavened using a 150-year-old mother dough and then left to proof for 48 hours. Resting the dough for two days makes the pizzas much easier to digest and will never leave you feeling bloated,” says Nava, who has received nothing but praise for his pizzas which are also served at 95 at Parks in Constantia.

Italian tomatoes and the finest fiordilatte mozzarella are the basis of all the toppings. The classic Margherita is enriched with basil, extra virgin olive oil and a handful of grated Grana Padano. The Siciliana includes anchovies, olives and capers. There are two pizzas with ham: the Prosciutto Crudo with Parma ham and rocket, and the Prosciutto Cotto, a firm favourite with delicate cooked ham.

In addition to the Margherita, vegetarians can tuck into the Orto pizza topped with olives, grilled broccoli, spinach and mushrooms.

Priced from R100 to R140, the pizzas are available for dinner Mondays to Saturdays at 95 Keerom and at 95 at Parks in Constantia for dinner, Mondays to Saturdays, and for lunch on Thursdays and Fridays. For bookings at 95 Keesom, call 021 422 0765 or email [email protected]. Bookings at 95 at Parks can be made by calling 021 761 0247 or email [email protected]

  • 95 Keerom is now listed with Uber Eats and Mr Delivery so that you can get these delicious pizzas via their apps.
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