Two Gingers Gin makes history with Guinness World Records™ title


THE Cape Cheers Gin Festival hosted by Gember Distillery on Saturday, 6 April, set the stage for a nail-biting, gin swirling, world record-breaking attempt thanks to Cape Town’s gin enthusiasts, party people and music-lovers, who braved the wind and elements to support Two Gingers Gin in equalling a Guinness World Records title for “the largest gin tasting”.

The gates opened at 10am and what followed was a fun-filled day complete with music, food trucks and bars and a phenomenal line-up of local talent, led by DJ Andre. The bands, headlined by Sunset Sweatshop who dropped their new single, Kick it, Sons of Selassie, Ambience and Natalie Rae & Craig had everyone on their feet until the sun went down.

The official record attempt, led by Guinness World Records™  adjudicator Mbali Nkosi from Dubai, commenced at 12.50pm and was meticulously overseen by a team of independent witnesses and stewards under the expert guidance of accredited spirits judge, Cathy Marston.

“This was a thrilling attempt because the results came right down to the wire,” said Mbali. While the participants were very festive and enthusiastic they remained engaged. All in all a job well done by the participants and the Two Gingers’ organising team in equalling “the largest gin tasting” world record of 423 people.

Simon Cranswick and Wynand de Vries, founders of Two Gingers, expressed their pride in achieving this lifelong dream. “We won’t juniper coat it; the process was painstaking, the rules rigid and there was no margin for error but we did it and could not be prouder,” they said.

This award will hold pride of place on the shelf alongside the many other gold awards these two gingers have already earned in the two years since opening their distillery doors.

The founders extend heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended, acknowledging their role in helping Two Gingers Gin secure its place in the Guinness World Records. As Simon concludes, “You’re ‘officially amazing’ for helping us achieve this remarkable feat!”

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