The rationalisation for Boland Cellar’s finely crafted rebranding


AMID the rapidly changing and increasingly competitive global wine trade, Boland Cellar has been going through a strategic re-gearing process to reposition its stance and range of brands in the international market place.

“With this dynamic and challenging reality facing most of South Africa’s wine industry role players, and notably the once traditional wine cellars, we at Boland decided about two years ago that we had to proactively re-gear our business. We realised that our brands had to retain preference with wine lovers – both in terms of taste and visual impact – to compete effectively internationally. Against the background of our founding ethos of ‘collaboration’ of almost 80 years ago, we want to share this process of transition with our loyal members, clients, the media, and the public at large,” affirms CEO Heini Smit.

Boland’s new classic-modern attire, launched with an evolutionary corporate rebranding and artistically refined and elegant logo at the end of 2019, was rationalised as: “The collaborative heart of Boland Cellar has been the key to success to date. Our new logo illustrates the key concept of the nine bold farmers that came together in 1941.”

At the top of Boland’s wine brand hierarchy is its renowned and much-celebrated Reserve wines consisting of carefully selected prime, single classical cultivars – including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Chardonnay, and Chenin Blanc Sur Lie – all with simple and royal-like crafted labels. The conservative, classic approach positions the Reserve range as one worthy of the recognition of a serious and quality producer through specific design cues. The focus is purely on the stage name Reserve, the wine making method and varietal. The pattern detail on the capsule (and also on the label) illustrates the “Together in Collaboration” positioning of Boland Cellar – an intricate construction of interlocking circles, working together to form a unit; a bold statement in an unassuming way.

Find out more about the Reserve Range here.

The favoured stalwart One Formation range is reclothed with beautifully and innovatively designed labels that reflect the change of seasons through the V formation of a flock of birds in flight. This universally documented concept of migratory birds flying in formation to create less wind resistance to conserve energy is in Boland’s case a true reflection of symbolising working “Together in Collaboration” for the benefit of all. The range consists of a White Blend (Chenin/Sauvignon/Grenache), a Red Blend (Shiraz/Grenache/Viognier), a Chenin Blanc, a Shiraz and a Grenache Noir.

Find out more about the One Formation range here.

All ranges are available on the Boland Cellar online shop.

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