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DE Kleine Wijn Köop (the small wine co-op), is cause for excitement for wine nerds. This very cool addition to the South African wine industry boasts an array of idiosyncratic wines made from niche varieties, characterised by a line-up of unconventional and imaginative labels. De Kleine Wijn Köop is ideal for new wave wine explorers  who love a reputable, highly drinkable wine that offers some intellectual engagement on the side.

De Kleine Wijn Köop was founded by the owners of Fanakalo Design Studio, but in 2018, winemaker Wynand Grobler and his wife Anya leaped at the opportunity to obtain and grow this innovative wine company. The Groblers now run De Kleine Wijn Köop as a family operation of two from a dedicated and small cellar in Wellington.

Wynand has no interest in corporate structures or big cellar teams; instead, he goes about the winemaking process in a hands-on way. Wynand’s wines are produced in small batches only, with grapes sourced from hush-hush, sought-after and longstanding vineyard sites in Stellenbosch, Swartland, Walker Bay, Franschhoek, Piekenierskloof and Agter-Paarl.

He kicks off his process with handpicked grapes, which are basket-pressed, whole bunch fermented and aged in old barrels to make wines that are not overly stylised, but instead a true reflection of their terroir.

“Generally, these wines are made in a lighter drinking style, which I think gives a more authentic impression of the grapes and vineyard sites, which is very important to us at De Kleine Wijn Köop,” he says. “We want to make wines that are real and lekker, and not extravagant. Clunky, tannin-heavy bombshells might seem fancy but there is little enjoyment if you struggle to finish just one glass. The market has been tricked to believe that a ‘serious’ wine should be heavy when a serious wine should just be seriously delicious, and honest.”

This “seriously delicious discovery” includes niche varieties like Grenache Noir, Cinsault, Grenache Gris, Grenache Blanc and Verdelho – with exciting new releases on the way. De Kleine Wijn Köop’s captivating portfolio currently includes Hoendertande Grenache Noir (from Piekenierskloof, with only one barrel made), Klipkers White Blend (74% Grenache Blanc, 17% Verdelho, 9% Grenache Gris), Klipkers Rosé (83% Shiraz, 16% Mourvèdre, 1 % Grenache), Kreatuur Die Mounache (77% Mourvèdre, 23% Grenache) and Ou Treffer Cinsault (made from the second-oldest vineyard in South Africa, planted in 1952). Wynand and Anya reveal an old-vine Semillion under the label Road to Santiago, as well as an additional Hoendertande Pinot Noir, will soon be released.

Previously, wines from De Kleine Wijn Köop were sold on allocation and through website orders only, but a recent partnership with wine distributors Morvino Wine Merchants will now see these labels more widely available in key trade outlets in the Western Cape.  “Morvino is as passionate about wine as we are, and they are therefore an excellent fit for De Kleine Wijn Köop,” says Anya.

For orders, contact Bubbles Hyland on 021 703 3775 or 079 528 9447.

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