Impress your guests with a home gin bar


HOME gin bars are all the rage with more people getting interested in curating their home bar setups, exploring different gin brands, and experimenting with unique cocktail recipes. So how does one get started? Jazz Adams, Western Cape sales manager for Whitley Neill Gin shares his top tips.

  • Make it personal

Most people think they need to have a large display of different spirits in their bar to make it impressive, but what makes a home bar far more authentic and personal is a small collection of gins with distinct flavour profiles and botanical infusions. I highly recommend trying the Whitley Neill Raspberry infusion. This trend emphasises quality over quantity, with a focus on the craftsmanship.

  • Get creative with mixology and signature cocktails

A memorable and delicious cocktail makes all the difference and if you have your own home bar go ahead and experiment with flavours, infusions, and garnishes to craft signature drinks. If you’re daring enough you can even turn to social media to share your concoctions and inspire others to try your recipes.

  • Local garnishes

Always have an array of fresh garnishes that are locally sourced supporting a farm-to-glass philosophy. Citrus fruits, herbs, lemons, limes, and oranges are versatile additions, while herbs like basil, mint, and rosemary are great options.

The trend is to elevate the drinking experience with ingredients that reflect the flavours of the season and the locality.

  • Tonic and mixer choices

Keep your bar stocked with premium mixers that complement the nuanced flavours of their chosen gins. This trend reflects a deeper appreciation for the role mixers play in enhancing the overall drinking experience. Don’t forget about classic soda water and tonic for the quintessential G&T.

Cheers to the renaissance of the home gin bar!

For more about Whitley Neill, click here.

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