Celebrating South African entrepreneurial ingenuity


GOURMET ICE, led by visionary 23-year-old entrepreneur Keagile Tabane, emerged triumphant as the winner of Luckybird’s “Quick Hack” competition, securing R150 000 in funding to propel their innovative venture forward.

The competition, aimed at inspiring innovation and quick solutions, saw entrepreneurs vying to revolutionise conventional approaches. Gourmet Ice, known for its creativity and determination, seized the opportunity to showcase its synergy with Luckybird, a brand synonymous with premium cocktail mixers. Keagile’s pitch video, backed by a team of eight including his two younger brothers and his guiding mum, captivated judges with its seamless alignment with Luckybird’s ethos.

Entrepreneur Keagile Tabane

Gourmet Ice & Co, renowned for crafting an unparalleled ice experience, perfectly complements Luckybird’s commitment to quick hacks for extraordinary drinks. Through infusing high-quality ice cubes with fresh fruits, herbs, and edible flowers, Gourmet Ice elevates the mixology journey, promising a delightful experience for the taste buds.

Keagile’s entrepreneurial journey reflects resilience and determination, with ventures ranging from car washes to stationery supply businesses. Each endeavor served as a stepping stone, enriching his entrepreneurial acumen and propelling him closer to his dream.

Family lies at the heart of Gourmet Ice, with Keagile’s brothers actively contributing to the manufacturing process while their mom provides invaluable guidance. Together, they embody the quick hack spirit, making Gourmet Ice not just a business but a familial pursuit of excellence.

Dave Baker, CEO of Luckybird Drinks, extended mentorship to Keagile, guiding him on strategically utilising the awarded funding to scale Gourmet Ice & Co. This collaboration marks the birth of a South African entrepreneurial success story, rooted in passion and innovation.

In the spirit of making your own luck, Gourmet Ice showcases the power of innovation, creativity, and passionate pursuit of dreams. Its quick hack sets a new standard for the industry, offering a game-changing experience for bartenders, hosts, and beverage enthusiasts alike.

For more information on Luckybird and to follow Gourmet Ice’s exciting journey, click here, and join the conversation on Instagram and Facebook @luckybird.drinks and @gourmetice_co.

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