Campaign to celebrate the birthday of South African Wine


SOUTH AFRICA Wine joined industry stakeholders at the country’s oldest wine estate, Groot Constantia, to launch a campaign to celebrate the South African wine industry’s rich heritage.

This industry provides opportunities to 269 000 employees and close to a million of their dependants, and is worth more than R55 billion in gross domestic product (GDP).

The vision for the birthday of the South African wine industry is to create an annual, month-long celebration in February to raise awareness of our unique heritage dating back to February 2, 1659. South Africa is the only country in the world that knows the exact date of the start of its industry.

The entire wine industry, tourism sector, local and international partners, South African trade, and retailers, are called upon to participate in this celebration, driving global awareness of South African wine, while encouraging the essence of the remarkable industry – rich in diversity, innovation, and leadership. This campaign aims to create ambassadors for South African wine through responsible consumption, while creating even more job opportunities.

“In the heart of South Africa, where vines weave a tapestry of tradition and innovation, we celebrate the unique spirit of our nation’s wine industry – a legacy dating back to the 17th century,” said South Africa Wine CEO Rico Basson. “As we raise a glass to this remarkable journey, we honour not just the vineyards, but the people who breathe life into every grape and the progress that propels us into a future where excellence and diversity intertwine.

“We look forward to another birthday celebration for South African wine – its people, products, and progress are a testament to the enduring beauty of our cultural heritage.”

Industry members, wine enthusiasts, and supporters are hereby invited to share in the celebrations in February by making use of the free assets that were specially created to mark the occasion, including videos, maps, and artwork.

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