Paws-a-While: Where every pawprint tells a tale of love and hope

Carolyn Dudgeon, the founder of Paws-a-While

PAWS-A-WHILE, an enthusiastic and dynamic animal welfare organisation, takes pride in hosting a series of remarkable pet adoption events. These gatherings guarantee attendees a day filled with compassion and joy. They go beyond being a mere treat for pet enthusiasts; instead, they provide a haven for individuals of all ages. These events offer a delightful array of engaging activities and feature an endearing cast of four-legged stars in search of loving homes.

Connecting Hearts and Paws: The Paw-tastic experience

At Paws-a-While’s paw-tastic events, attendees can look forward to experiencing unforgettable moments while connecting with potential fur-ever companions. Beyond the delightful prospect of adopting a furry friend, visitors gain invaluable insights into responsible pet ownership. The day is filled with entertaining activities, a selection of delectable local cuisine, and ample opportunities to connect with fellow animal lovers.

Tackling a big challenge

Global pet food producer Mars’ Global State of Pet Homelessness Index, published in 2022, reveals that South Africa is home to more than 4 million homeless cats and dogs. This sobering statistic underscores the significance of events like Paws-a-While. It serves as a poignant reminder that each one of us can make a difference in the lives of animals. By choosing adoption, we can offer homeless pets a second chance at a happy, loving home, enriching our own lives through the love and companionship they provide. Notably, Mars, the largest sponsor of Paws-a-While, has expressed its ambition to work towards ending pet homelessness globally.

Carolyn Dudgeon, the founder of Paws-a-While, outlines her vision, stating, “Paws-a-While’s mission is to reduce pet homelessness and support animal welfare. We are honoured to collaborate with like-minded organisations and individuals to promote adoption, sterilisation campaigns, and educate the public about animal welfare.”

Mayor’s Support for Paws-a-While

Highlighting the impact of her dedicated efforts, even Cape Town Mayor Gordon Hill-Lewis acknowledges the crucial work undertaken by Paws-a-While. He emphasises, “The City of Cape Town is proud to support Paws-a-While, and we’re grateful for the tireless work they do in rehoming rescue dogs and cats, sterilising animals, and educating communities on responsible animal ownership. If you’re considering getting a pet, I strongly urge you to choose adoption from an organisation like Paws-a-While rather than purchasing from a breeder.”

Supporting Animal Welfare: Your Role in Making a Difference

By attending Paws-a-While’s pet adoption events, whether in pursuit of a future pet companion, eager to expand their knowledge of responsible pet care, or simply seeking a delightful day out with family, attendees play an active role in supporting animal welfare. The funds raised by participating non-governmental organisations are instrumental in sustaining these civic initiatives.

For more on Paws-a-While and event dates, click here.

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