A delectable dinner date with boylesque performer Dear James


ONCE again the famous words of Ernest Hemingway have come back to haunt me: “Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”

Which is only partly true because I’ve applied that many times, and still not learned my lesson. It’s not all bad, however.

Last Saturday night we went to the seriously funky and cool Raptor Room in Roeland Street (who can’t love a pink dinosaur?) to see James’s Giant Kiki, a boylesque and burlesque dinner show. Between Dear James’s brilliant solo performances – he is a Black Orchid Burlesque SA artiste, and his hard work and dedication show in his every move – Dani Diamond sang us the sexy songs, the Black Orchid Bobettes – Victoria Vixxxen, Miss Teria, GlitterTush – threw down the bumps and grinds in group numbers, and fellow artiste Bon Bon made a special appearance in the grand finale. All of this left me thoroughly intoxicated on sparkling wine and enthusiasm.

Miss Hepburn Photography took these gorgeous pictures and gently reminded me today of my excitement, and desire to write something. So here it is: it was a wonderful show created by beautiful and amazing people and performed in a fab venue, watched by a brilliant audience. Let’s do it all again soon…

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