Discover the charm of Hout Bay from the Harbour View holiday apartment


ABOUT 24 hours into our weekend stay at Harbour View, I looked around at our comfortable clutter and remarked to my friend that we sure know how to settle in and make ourselves at home really quickly, even in the fanciest of places. Indisputable proof we were destined for the good life.

This three-bedroomed apartment with two bathrooms is on the Main Road in Hout Bay, which is a super-convenient location from which to explore, and it’s combined with an elevated position which provides a gorgeous sweeping view of the bay, The Sentinel (the big rock, below), the harbour (as promised in the name), and even the beach on the south-eastern side of the bay.

Photo by Bianca Coleman

From here you can watch the sea fog roll in and out (which can happen several times a day as we discovered, wreaking havoc with wardrobe choices) and the fishing trawlers, yachts and other pleasure boats coming and going.

Part of the dk villas portfolio, this apartment is tastefully decorated and filled with every imaginable convenience. The kitchen in particular is an entertainer’s dream, with covetable baby blue Smeg appliances – kettle, toaster, espresso machine – and all the other necessary items to make whipping up a sunset dinner easy as pie, which is exactly what we did on our first night. And my we I mean I because my friend is usually on the receiving end, which plays to our preferences and skills.

There is a supermarket directly across the road, but it doesn’t smell that great. I suggest you walk a block and try one of the others.

While cooking “at home” is a delight here, there are load of restaurants in Hout Bay.

Also across the road is Cheyne’s and honestly, if you haven’t tried it yet, first of all why not? And secondly, you really should because it’s great. Then there’s the Bay Harbour Market. It’s an awesome place to eat great food, drink lots of wine and craft beers, and shop at the quirky stalls. Be warned, however: getting a seat is like a full contact Olympic sport. When sharing a table with strangers, it’s imperative to mark your borders with handbags, jackets, or anything else you can find, or you will notice – as I did – yourself being slowly edged to the end of the bench. Step away at your own peril; there will be 100 others circling, watching, waiting to fill your space.

Photo of Divine Lady D by Bianca Coleman

Bay Harbour Market is proudly South African on every level, from the products available to the live music being played. Find it at 31 Harbour Road (right at the end near Fish On The Rocks – another must-visit), open 5pm – 9pm on Fridays, and 9.30am – 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. There’s free wifi, loads of parking and excellent security.

On our second day, we decided to investigate on foot. We were not disappointed and soon managed to find a couple of shops which were willing to take our money for things desired for no other reason than they were pretty. We ended up having lunch at Spiro’s, which specialises in Greek food (the name here would also give that away).

Back at the apartment, it was time for a costume change before heading – again on foot – to Zur Holzbucht (a German establishment, can you tell?) for an early evening of musical entertainment by harmonica wizard Dave Ferguson, followed by rockabilly trio Them Tornados. It was a raucous experience which involved dancing on the tables, lots of wine and shooters, a Golden Labrador, and fantastic eisbein with mash and saukerkraut.

So I am told.

Back at Harbour View, full DStv is included as well as excellent free WiFi available throughout the unit, which was powerful enough for me to stream my Netflix with no buffering. There is 24-hour security and undercover parking.

In addition to this apartment, dk villas has The Boardwalk, also in Hout Bay, and another in Skilliepark, Dwarskersbos up the West Coast where we have stayed previously. Owner Johann de Kock tells us the Boardwalk apartment is “funky” and quite different from the other properties. I’m delighted to report we are such good guests that he not only had us back after the first time, but has insisted we return to stay in apartment number three. Mother would be so proud!


Where: Harbour View, 46 Main Road, Hout Bay

Telephone: 082 922 0775

Email: [email protected]


  • This story first appeared in Independent Travel on March 9, 2019
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