Winter menu delights – plus Bistros Go Classic – at Societi Bistro


IT’S no secret Societi Bistro is one of my all-time favourite places. I went there for lunch today with the intention of eating from this week’s Bistros Go Classic menu but ended up choosing something else – and I have zero regrets.

Having previously done Bistros Go Global and Bistros Go Local, the classic interpretation presents a weekly menu – starter, main, dessert – inspired by a different region every Wednesday to Saturday, lunch and dinner. This is the contemporary definition of a bistro, having evolved into any rural food served in an urban environment. This week is Spain, with Northern, Central and Southern Italy rounding out the programme during August.

In the interests of this story, I had the Pipirrana de Jaén to start, a cold dish of tuna, capsicum (green), ciabatta, garlic, and egg. The recommended wine is KWV Grenache Blanc, and I had no argument with that. My friend chose a Societi Bistro classic to begin: ox tongue with dauphine potatoes, parsley and caper cream, which has been on the menu as long as I can remember and the first way I ate tongue since I refused it as a child. My mother must never know.

For main course, Sexy Deborah went for the Spanish fish stew, while I succumbed to the lamb bredie (pictured above). Oh my word, Robert (chef)! What a delight. It was rich and sweet-tomatoey and the lamb was fall-apart tender and with plenty of fat for extra flavour. It’s served with butternut and roast potatoes. I had a selection of red wines, courtesy of Carl-with-a-C, our waiter, who soothed the transition to a new wine list devoid of some of my previous favourites, and others being sold out. No Terra del Capo Sangiovese! Quelle horreur!  

We declined dessert but Sexy Deborah is accustomed to being served sweet somethings by enamoured chefs and waiters around the world so it was no surprise that Carl arrived bearing a slice of the restaurant’s signature Chocolate Nemesis, which Robert knows is a favourite of mine.

As always, YUM!

Societi Bistro is at 50 Orange Street, Gardens. Telephone + 27 21 42 42 100 or click here for more information.


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