Societi Bistro has a super new Pronto menu of light meals and it’s amazing


JUST when I thought I couldn’t possibly love Societi Bistro any more, they go an introduce a new Pronto menu filled with delicious quick bites to satisfy those annoying little hunger pangs that strike at inconvenient times. And they’re so affordable too.

Angry Chicken Poke Bowl

With all the wines available by the glass, why not pop in for an after work comfort bomb of mac & cheese with a sip of Springfield Wild Yeast (Chardonnay) on the side? Or a scrumptious toasted sarnie – cheddar and chutney, chicken mayo or ham, cheese and tomato – with a nice cup of something hot for lunch on the run?

Real Greek salad with no lettuce

Pronto is perfect for a speedy filler before your movie at The Labia, or simply to add something snacky to your drinks in The Snug bar. Prices are from a little more than R30 – seriously, where do you even get that these days, in a proper restaurant, with a proper chef? – to around the mid R50 mark. You can eat, you can drink, and you can still have enough left from your R100 note to give the waiter a tip.

Bacon and feta frittata

Societi Bistro is at 50 Orange Street, Cape Town, telephone 021 42 42 100. For more information about the Pronto menu, click here.

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