Reinvented Societi Bistro is a winner


MOVING from the city bowl to the southern suburbs at the end of 2019 was one of my better life choices. While I was still considering the departure, I weighed up the pros and cons. The two things I decided I would miss the most were The Labia and Societi Bistro. The mountain didn’t even come into it.

These places were close to my heart, and I spent much time at both. It’s a different life now, not only because of this relocation but for the whole world. Sometimes there are silver linings, however; with all the lockdown rules and regulations (you know them by now), Societi Bistro has had to reinvent itself to provide food deliveries/collections, as well as alcohol. By chance I found out about the online deli as well (do not ever underestimate the power of social media), which is filled with desirable goodies. Staying at home, with active bank cards and fibre, is my happy place, but at this rate I’m not only getting fat(ter) but going bankrupt too.

My favourite – Danish feta ravioli with lemon sauce

The point is, I can now have Societi right here at home. It’s not quite the same as being curled up on a couch in front of the fire in the Snug Bar, and I miss all the lovely staff and the warm welcomes, but it’s better than no Societi at all.

Along with the à la carte dishes, Societi is also offering Ready Meals. Owner Peter Weetman (who also lives out this side the world) made a special delivery to me the other chilly night, with a selection to try.

Sugo di Salsiccia

First of all, when someone says to you “remove from the container to microwave” – listen to them. Just saying, and we’ll leave it at that.

My goodie bag included asparagus potato and leek soup, butternut and banana soup, bone marrow risotto, chicken pho, danish feta ravioli with lemon sauce, and sugo di salsiccia – boeroewors fettuccine.

My absolute favourite was the ravioli. It was lusciously smooth and creamy, and that little tang of lemon…oh my word, definitely having that again. The risotto came in second place, and the boerie pasta third.

Bone marrow risotto

The pho was wholesome and nourishing, as those kinds of dishes tend to be. The potato and leek soup was thick and silky, but I wasn’t crazy about the butternut and banana, because it was more banana and less butternut, so I found it a bit weird. Like that time I had avocado ice cream. But hats off to the chefs who like to take chances.

Asparagus, potato and leek soup

So off I went to the website to sign up, because not only is the food as great as you’d expect from Societi, the prices are ridiculously affordable and reasonable. The deli sells Richard Bosman’s incredible charcuterie, and Societi’s health bread. One suggestion I would make is that grated parmesan cheese (or a chunk, I’m not going to argue) should be available, either complimentary with the pastas, or as an add-on item. If you’ve eaten at Societi, you’ll know the waiter always comes to the table with the cheese and a grater, and will grate until you say when. My choice of tense is intentional.

For more information, click here.


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