LemonGold seedless lemons will add zest to your cooking and baking


LEMONS are one of the most pleasing fruits in the world – so yellow, so happy, so versatile. New LemonGold seedless lemons are beautiful to behold and I found a super recipe at Ambitious Kitchen with which to use them.

Part of the Gold Citrus brand family – which includes Clemengold mandarins – these lemons promise culinary convenience; truthfully now: who hasn’t groaned and eye-rolled while picking pips out of the freshly squeezed juice or baking mixture? Even with that chef’s trick of squeezing them over your hand is not foolproof

The recipe I tried is for “healthy lemon bars”. I subbed Xylitol for the honey, butter for the coconut oil, and cut them into squares instead of bars – because I’m a rebel like that. Heck, you can even make a whole tart in a  springform tin if you want. They didn’t turn out quite as pretty as I hoped (like airbrushed models, recipe photos set such impossibly high standards sometimes) but it was a first effort, and they taste delicious, which is all that really matters when serving myself with morning coffee and bedtime rooibos.




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