Itadakimasu lunch experience to celebrate FYN’s second birthday


WITH two remarkable years of offering guests an all-encompassing experience, FYN chefs Peter Tempelhoff and Ashley Moss and their team are marking the occasion with a once-off dining series – at birthday prices – that celebrates the journey thus far.

Inspired by Tempelhoff’s longstanding affinity for Japanese food and culture, and his first experience of the cuisine – the “quick kaiseki” traditional Japanese lunch – the series draws on the format and spirit of this type of dining, while remaining true to FYN’s signature style. Typically fish, tempura or meat served simply with a starter, soup and sides, it’s a simple and satisfying way to eat. “This is one of my favourite ways to eat Japanese food and it stuck with me – how complete and delicious it always was, and how good it made me feel. It means a lot to me,” says Tempelhoff.

Peter Tempelhoff and Ashley Moss

The Japanese say “itadakimasu” before the meal, which can loosely translate to giving thanks, “I humbly receive” or “bon appetit”. This is the goal of this lunch experience –  to give thanks to all the guests who’ve made it possible to still be doing this two years on, says Tempelhoff.

Using locally sourced, sustainable meat and fish (wherever possible organic), rice imported from Japan and homemade pickles and tofu, the FYN Itadakimasu limited-edition lunch will immerse guests in a traditional multi-course meal, taking them on a cultural, as well as culinary journey. “We’ve put a lot of effort into the authenticity and quality of the dishes,” adds Tempelhoff.

Diners will have the choice of three carefully crafted menus, for R295 per person and served with a complimentary glass of wine. Traditional sake is available at R180 per carafe.

Option one: Sushi Set, soba noodles, pickles and ferments, miso soup with homemade tofu, tempura

Option two: Grilled Fish Set, Japanese rice, pickles and ferments, miso soup, tempura

Option three: Meat Set, Japanese rice, pickles and ferments, miso soup, tempura

“In line with FYN’s absolute commitment to a seamless service experience and our dedication to customer comfort, we have incorporated all necessary and appropriate safety procedures into our service protocol, and you can expect the highest levels of cleanliness and convenience while you dine with us,” says Tempelhoff. “This includes the use of digital menus and wine lists – accessible on your own devices – as well as contact tracing for your peace of mind.”

The FYN Itadakimasu limited-edition experience will run until December 15, 2020. For reservations, email [email protected], or call 021 286 2733.

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