Get your sexy on at Zsa Zsa in Cape Town city centre


EARLIER today I read someone else’s blog post (research, you understand) about their meal at Zsa Zsa and was – amused? tickled? – that they had had the same three dishes we did. What are the odds? It was a glowing review, so even though mine follows theirs, let’s see if I can match it.

For the older Capetonians, as a geographical point of reference, Zsa Zsa is where Savoy Cabbage used to be. It’s a beautiful venue, with rough brick walls, double volume space, mirrors, opulent velvet, and a spirit of adventure and excitement. The emphasis is on having pure indulgent fun, as well as enjoying great food while you’re doing it.

We were well attended to by Shaun Goche, who got us in the mood with Prosecco. Being lunchtime and driving being involved, we didn’t partake more fully of the alcoholic beverages but I’m reliably informed that after dark there are plenty of shenanigans to be had. It’s like clubbing but for grownups, with a classy dinner.

The menus – wine, cocktails, food – are printed on high quality paper with bold, vibrant art. Soothe your appetite with a selection of entrées, salads, pastas, pizzas, poisson and viande, with extras and sides. To finish, the patisserie will tempt you with tiramisu, macarons, panna cotta and something called St Tropezienne: “A rich cream filled brioche”. Oh be still, my heart. As luck would have it, it wasn’t available that day, which is both a good (for my jean pant) and a bad thing (the sense of loss). To begin at the end, we shared the Don Julio sorbet for dessert, which is a glass of tart lemon ice with a shot of a tequila on the side. No messing about there.

As a result, we repaired to the cloakroom where we were told we could write on the mirrors with the non-permanent (the only record will be on social media) markers supplied, as well as take selfies to our hearts’ content with the background of wings and a halo painted on the wall. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen the post; if not, I’ve added one more bonus pic at the bottom of the story.

Right, so. Lunch. We began with beef carpaccio, drizzled with olive oil and topped with parmesan shavings and mushrooms; and grilled calamari. Both excellent. For her main course, my friend ordered sole meunière, a favourite of hers, and a simple dish of pan-fried sole (I’ve always loved how it can be forked off the bone, leaving behind a cartoon-like skeleton) dressed with butter and parsley. I had veal limone – escalopes with lemon, just as it suggests. Mains come with chips and a choice of sides including fine green beans in butter, and rocket and parmesan salad. Additional side orders like truffle chips, zucchini chips, and gratin dauphinois cost extra.

What a grand meal, and what grand fun. For more information, bookings and so on, check out the website.

Photo by Sexy Deborah


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