Eat, drink and play at Klein Roosboom


IT all began with a Facebook post, so never underestimate the power – and usefulness – of social media. Even if you’re not looking for yummy things to eat and beautiful wines to drink, you should like and follow Klein Roosboom Boutique Winery  and JÉAN Deli & Restaurant  anyway because the photos on both those pages are utterly gorgeous.

The post of was of that day’s blackboard breakfasts: a brioche bun with 100% grassfed beef and bacon patty, roasted onions and coleslaw; and a wood fired flatbread topped with crispy bacon, farm eggs, roasted tomatoes, garden spinach, mozzarella and feta. The caption was “It will change your life! Both of these dishes” and #capetownsbestkeptsecret

Klein Roosboom in the Durbanville wine valley is owned by Karin de Villiers, one of the loveliest, free-spirited, beautiful women I know. She writes exquisite Afrikaans stories on her personal Facebook page that are a pleasure to read, and she is now slowly relinquishing the winemaking reins at Klein Roosboom. I would say I found the time to visit, but the truth is, I made the time – even though it added about an hour of extra driving that day.

When that alcohol ban was instated, Karin didn’t waste any time in turning things around and creating a deli and restaurant (wine tasting is back on the menu now, of course). The space lends itself well for the required physical distancing, with tables set on the deep verandah as well as between the rows of vineyards on the doorstep. Inside are tables laden with freshly baked treats, as well as deli items, a coffee bar, and sexy wine gadget desirables. There was a pang of sadness when I saw the flatbread wasn’t on the menu but lo! Chef Lorianne Heyns – and Karin of course – had made sure there was one, almost identical, made specially for me, bless them. And it was wonderful.

After Karin and I had a catch up on the stoep, which could have gone on all day, I headed off into the vineyards for a walk. There are brick arrows on the ground to guide you, but as we all know, I don’t take direction very well (which is another way of saying I couldn’t follow a simple arrow) and ended up meandering probably where I shouldn’t have. It was all good though; half the fun is getting a little bit lost and discovering views across the valley all the way to Table Bay and the mountain when there isn’t another soul in sight. Which is not to say the place isn’t busy; it definitely is, so please be patient if the maximum number of guests has been reached and you have to wait a while. It’s extremely popular, and for good reason.

There’s a dam, with log benches at suitable distances (plus a little more) apart where you can stop and simply contemplate the beauty. You could get your meal at JÉAN to go, with a cup of coffee – and no doubt now a glass or bottle of wine even – and picnic there.

On my way out, I was presented with a gift box of sweet and savoury items from the deli…jam, pesto, chocolate, cheese, salami, a smoked salmon bagel, salad, and a bottle of the newly released 2018 My Way, a Bordeaux-style blend, wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with wax. Karin told me she’s planning to introduce quick wine tastings for those who just want to know if they like the wine or not, before ordering or buying, and more serious, in-depth tastings inside the private little caves. Sound intriguing? I bet it does. Sign up for the newsletter here to be among the first to know. Sign up for mine too, while you’re at it.


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