uber takes you out, uberEATS keeps you in


UBER has been a game changer for me in so many ways, from getting me home safely when I’ve been out somewhere alcohol is involved, to never having to negotiate city traffic or look for parking.

As much as the ride app takes me where I going and back again, its companion uberEATS seems determined to keep me at home. As much as I love to cook, a busy lifestyle means there are times when I haven’t been shopping, or simply not in the mood. Then there are those lazy (and hopefully rainy) Sundays when all I want to do is stay under the duvet and watch TV with a pizza being my closest companion.

uberEATS launched in Joburg last year, and came to Cape Town this January. The city bowl (where I live) and Atlantic seaboard were the first areas to be added and since then the service has expanded rapidly. Having those little red numbers constantly appearing on your phone screen, demanding data-munching updates, are annoying but more than likely it means uberEATS has added more restaurants. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

Many of my favourites are just a few taps away, and the format of the app has undergone several design adjustments to make it easier to use. My home feed now includes individual sections for my “go-tos” (the places I order from the most), new restaurants, and restaurants close to me. The search facility has been improved drastically since inception.

You can schedule orders, and select an address other than your own (should you want to surprise someone with a burger; you never know). You can even order wine, beer and spirits although somehow I never find myself suddenly short of those.

uberEATS isn’t perfect – sometimes delivery can take longer than expected, or the courier can’t find your address (but you can track your order all the way through the process), and sad to say, most meals suffer somewhat in transit. Even pizza. But when I look in the empty fridge and think “there is no way I’m going to Gardens Centre now” at least there’s a silver lining of convenience in the palm of my hand.

Download the app from your store, or access it directly through your existing uber app. For R100 discount off your first order, use my code BLCeats.



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