A sweet reward at the year’s end: Cherry season is here


WHAT treasures are truly worth the wait? A pie in the oven, a long-awaited holiday, holding a loved one again? Good things come to those who wait, and the moment is here at last. Cherry season has arrived.

Sensual, sweet, chirpy and cheerful; you can’t help but smile when a cherry’s tucked in your cheek, releasing all its juices.

When planning festive feasting, a more suitable fruit is hard to imagine. Picture a cocktail – what’s bobbing in the bubbles? A cherry. At a romantic lovers’ picnic, what do they pop into each other’s mouths? Cherries. Think of a special-occasion dessert, hot or cold, scooped or rolled, and what’s it studded with? The telltale flashes of red cherries.

Cherries are lovely, just as they are. Pack them into a basket, a backpack or a lunchbox, no knives necessary. Scatter them over a table, their glowing skins right for any theme from simple farm-style to the most elegant event. Simmer them in sauce, bake them in a cake, cover them in cream.

Give yourself the gift of fresh, seasonal fruit this summer and make sure you put ruby-red Cherry Time cherries on your shopping list. Look out for fresh Cherry Time in selected PnP stores or have them delivered right to your door. Order yours before they disappear.


By mixologist Travis Kuhn

This sophisticated potion offers a balance between the sweetness of fresh cherries and the spicy hit of American Rye whiskey, with a zesty splash of citrus.


40ml rye whiskey

40ml fresh cherry juice

20ml Cointreau orange liqueur

15ml lemon juice

2 dashes chocolate bitters


Place all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Add 1½ scoops of cubed ice and shake hard. Fine-strain over fresh ice into a tumbler glass, and garnish with a fresh Cherry Time cherry.


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