Stream first Showmax Original romcom, Troukoors, from December 13


TROUKOORS (Wedding Fever) is made by SAFTA winner Louis Pretorius and SAFTA nominee Albert Snyman of Infinity Films, the creators of critically acclaimed and much loved shows like Die Boekklub and Fynskrif, with regular collaborator Nina Swart directing.

Troukoors is like good champagne: light and bubbly and more-ish, with a tendency to bring out people’s naughty sides,” says Candice Fangueiro, head of content at Showmax. “It’s like Younger or The Bold Type, but set against the splendour and romance of the Cape wedding industry.”

Ilse-Lee van Niekerk (Getroud Met Rugby, 4 Mure, Die Boekklub) stars as Jessica, a wedding planner who’s surrounded by love but struggling to find it for herself.

Ilse-Lee van Niekerk

Former child star Blyde Smit (Erfsondes, 7de Laan) plays Jessica’s sister Luca, a software developer who is more fluent in Klingon than flirting, with Fleur du Cap nominee Bianca Flanders (Nêrens, Noord-Kaap; Address Unknown) as her bisexual best friend Abi, a professional baker. SAFTA winner Kevin Smith (Skemerdans) is Abi’s dad (and Luca’s boss), with Melt Sieberhagen (Proesstraat) as his boyfriend.

Blyde Smit and Bianca Flanders

The trailer gives us our first glimpse of the three besties’ love interests this season, including Armand Aucamp (Tom in Die Boekklub), Christiaan Schoombie (Warrior), Evan Hengst (Miles in The Kissing Booth 1-3), Danny Ross (Nommer 37), and Fiesta Upcoming Artist nominee Emma van Heyn.

“What I found really interesting is that it represents alternative relationships,” says Bianca. “The world is moving in new directions, especially in terms of how we think and talk about sex and sexuality. Sex positivity is increasing. As South Africans we are often inclined to being conservative when it comes to the relationship types we represent on TV. But Troukoors reflects a lot of the relationships I see around me. It shows the real issues people experience in relationships.”

Armand Aucamp

“The overarching idea of the series is love is love,” says Ilse-Lee. “I love the fact that, especially with the two dads, and Abi as well, it’s just accepted. It’s just the norm. It’s not an issue. It’s about what works for you: which type of love is the best for you, and how can you be the best to someone else.”

But Troukoors isn’t just another Hollywood fairytale, where every moment has perfect sunsets with fireworks in the background. “What’s refreshing about this series is that Louis and Albert created realistic stories that also show there’s no one person who is going to be perfect for you,” says Armand. “So there might be someone who gives you sexual gratification, but not emotionally. And then there’s someone who fulfils your emotional needs, but the physical attraction isn’t there. Or someone is too laid back and you want more intensity. You want direction, not someone who is beige. You know, those kinds of things.”

Watch Troukoors irst and only on Showmax from 13 December 2021, and see the trailer here. Showmax has already renewed the romcom for a second season, launching in 2022.

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