FOR reasons which are many and varied, May is my favourite month. For starters, the weather in Cape Town is just perfect – not too hot, not too cold, not too windy – and the soft autumn light is gentle and flattering.

The promise of winter is in the crisp mornings and chilly evenings, and the longer hours of darkness are just right for snuggling. Plus this year we’re getting lovely rain. Historically, according to my Facebook memories, I often get a tattoo around this time of the year, proving I am a creature of habit as well as opportunity.

Just the other day I went to see my friend Tamar Thorn at her shop in Salt River, Good Things Tattoo Co, where she inked me with the prettiest, shiniest cherries you ever did see. I love Tam to bits…she intuitively understands me and what I want, her talent is next level, and she is so incredibly gentle. Therefore when people ask that eternal infernal question “did it hurt?” I can honestly reply “nope, hardly at all.”

Good Things is Tamar’s second shop after she opened The Body Architects in Claremont nearly a decade ago, and it’s a beautifully artistic environment. Boss Lady’s work station is filled with drawings, paintings, books, inks, flash, skulls, stuffed owls, and all sorts of meaningful paraphernalia – a pure visual feast and a joy to admire.

The team at Good Things – Tamar, Jon James Case, Hilary Randle, Chris deVilliers, Alex Steiger, Sean Smuts and handpoke artist Chuck Valentine – has been expanded by one member who makes every visitor’s experience just that much better: Bronson Tatcat (he has his own Instagram account so go give him a follow) is there to cuddle and comfort. He loves people and will instantly fall asleep on you; I am quite besotted with him and his teeny tiny pink feet.

This month, subscribers to Eat Play Drink Cape Town will be in the draw to win a R1000 voucher from Good Things to put towards something spectacular, or for a cute li’l piece. Just fill in your details below (mobile) or alongside (desktop) to be in line to win. The competition, which is for all subscribers, existing and new, closes on May 31 at midnight and the winner will be announced on June 1.
Ts&Cs: Can be used for any tattoo, by any artist.

Good Things Tattoo Company is at 48 Salt River Road, Salt River. Telephone 021 447 4904.

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