Peter Clarke and Robert Hodgins exhibition at Vela Projects

Sandy Bay by Peter Clarke

VELA PROJECTS is proud to announce the upcoming exhibition showcasing the remarkable works of two iconic figures in South African art history: Peter Clarke and Robert Hodgins. The exhibition will run from May 17 to July 6, 2024 at its gallery space in Plein Street, Cape Town.

In this exhibition, viewers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the artistic legacy of Clarke and Hodgins, whose contributions to South African art are profound and enduring.

Despite being born in different parts of the world, Clarke and Hodgins shared a deep connection. Both artists were born in the 1920s and died in the 2010s. These two historical figures were not only painters but also printmakers, writers, and educators. Their artistic endeavors were marked by a meticulous approach in the studio, yielding a wealth of works that captivate with bold strokes and vivid colours. Through their canvases, they delved into the complexities of society, grappling with themes of power, and identity during the complex history of South Africa from the 1960s – 2010s. Their paintings serve as a testament to their shared commitment to unraveling the intricacies of the individual within the broader structures of power.

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