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THE team behind Ginger & Lime and Salt & Sage have expanded their offering with The Kitchen Collective – a new space opening on August 1 to meet the demand for a blank, professionally equipped kitchen hire space.

Where there is energy and passion, there is always growth and expansion. What started out as an extension of a love of cooking and entertaining, outperformed any expectations and Ginger & Lime took off with a huge bang from the very beginning.

The timing and the formula was perfect: a fabulous, unique venue, an excellent state-of-the-art, well-equipped kitchen, and an enthusiastic, talented team lead by a visionary leader, Denise Coburn-Levy. Weekly courses were booked out well in advance and guests chefs came to play, adding a different depth to the offering. Products were launched successfully, special occasions celebrated joyfully, team building was enjoyed by many corporates, outside events were catered for and innovative recipes were developed.  The requests kept coming in were always new and varied, as the space and the team proved adaptable to the needs of the foodies out there.

Interactive cooking – a recipe for success

“Reaching our ceiling capacity led me to thinking about expansion and how to achieve this, so when Kim Jordan approached me to start a branch from her amazing venue in Bantry Bay, it really fitted into the plan, as we could now offer a second venue, Salt & Sage, which proved a great alternative venue for smaller events with the stunning sea views and sexy sleek open plan interior,” says Denise.

With requests coming in to host larger events for up to 100 people, the team knew the time was right to expand even further. “Let’s give the people what they are asking for,” says Denise. “We need to create a vibey fully-equipped kitchen hub, a place which professionals can hire the space they need on a daily or even hourly basis, and we can cater for the bigger events for interactive courses, demo-style promotions and product launches too.”

The perfect 380sqm premises were found, generous sponsors came on board in assisting in the set up of three new kitchen spaces, and it was all systems go and full steam ahead. “There is nothing like this in Cape Town yet – a truly innovative space that provides a central space for professionals and foodies to bond, share and learn.” says Kim, co-owner of The Kitchen Collective

The Main Stage is a larger version of the Ginger & Lime kitchen, allowing for various set ups, from cinema style seating, to individual work stations and the usual signature collaborative interactive cooking experiences that are so enjoyed by guests. It can also host long table catered special occasions. The space is a blank canvas, and suitable for many purposes, including film and stills shoots.

Studio 1 and Studio 2 are Kitchens For Rent, light and bright and glass enclosed. They can be closed off for privacy, or you can be a part of the buzz of the kitchen hub should you choose to be. They are fully equipped, and there is a list of extra equipment which can be added to the standard kit provided in each space.

The Kitchen Collective, in the City Bowl of Cape Town, will now act as the main hub and central venue of Ginger & Lime and Salt & Sage. However, these venues will still be available for exclusive hire for private and corporate functions.

See upcoming course dates which will be hosted by Ginger & Lime at the new venue from August 1, 2019. Call Kim on 072 041 1038 or Katy on 083 660 1146 or click here for more information.

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