Black Orchid Burlesque heads to the deep south with some modern vintage varietease


IT may sound like a contradiction but the title of Black Orchid Burlesque’s Modern Vintage Varietease Burlesque Show at Café Roux in Noordhoek this Saturday is a fusion of spectacle and glamour from yesteryear with a sexy modern edge.

“Modern burlesque has taken on many forms, but it has the common trait of honouring one or more of burlesque’s previous incarnations. Today’s burlesque performers put emphasis on style, and are sexy rather than sexual,” says our fearless leader, Diva Disastar.

Yes, that’s right: “our”, because I am a Black Orchid Bobette and will also be on stage, doing my very new solo act, so if you’re coming through to watch, please be kind, and applaud loudly.

The delectable Honeybun Shortcake – who “can’t sell it”

In June, the Artistes performed their show at Café Roux in the city centre; this weekend it’s the turn of the Bobettes (entry level performers) and Starlettes, who are the next level up. The line up includes the gorgeous Red Baroness performing her routine called The Heiress, which wowed audiences at The Grand Exhibition in Cape Town and Joburg earlier this month; Ghost Greywind, who did the same but will be presenting a different act for this show; our two packages of dynamite, Honeybun Shortcake and Sasha Gold; and a special guest appearance by Sophia Von Syren doing her Gypsy routine. Sophia is a former Black Orchid, now an independent performer.

We’ll also be doing two group numbers – Pinup Pretties and Walking And Stripping – both inspired by vintage burlesque.

Says Honeybun: “I will be performing one of my favourite solos, lovely tongue in cheek chair act called Can’t Sell It. It’s a little vintage number that uses lip sync and a whole lot of double entendre.”

As it’s my first time at this venue, I was happy to hear Honey add they always have lovely wine. And of course, you can have dinner with your show.

“The Heiress was born from the roots of all that the Red Baroness is,” says this luscious performer. “A classy, elegant dame of wealth and opulence with a taste for all that is naughty and forbidden.

“Rebelling against the constraints of her class and what is socially accepted, she takes to the stage and strips to express her raw sensuality and defiance of all that is expected of her!”

We’re all dedicated to what we do, but Ghost Greywind often goes above and beyond that, as we saw at The Grand Exhibition. His act is titled Crème de la Crème, which he says suits it perfectly. “It only gives a little bit away about what is underneath. It’s a very good way to tease and lure the ladies while still remaining a gentleman,” he says with a wink.

Yours truly in The Royal Debut

Modern Vintage Varietease Burlesque Show on August 26 begins at 8.30pm
Tickers are R120 a person, available online via
For more information, email info@blackorchidburlesque. com

Please note: R.O.A.R.
This is an adult themed show – yes, the clothes come off! No, there is no full nudity! Our ladies are just that – LADIES! Same goes for the gentlemen.

* Black Orchid Burlesque SA – tastefully titillating South Africa since 2007 *


RED BARONESS (featured image): She Wolf Photography


QUEEN B: Miss Hepburn Photography

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