THE theme for this year’s MCQP, Africa’s biggest costume party that annually rings in the festive season, has been announced as MCQP Presents: Drag Race – returning to the Cape Town Stadium after five years, and taking place on Saturday,  December 15.

The Collins dictionary defines the term drag race as “a race between vehicles to test their acceleration from a complete stop, especially between specially designed cars on a short, straight course”. This definition will no doubt conjure up a favourite film scene for many, as drag races are depicted as a dramatic climax in several classic movies released during the last couple of decades.

For others, “drag race” is synonymous with the American reality TV show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, which has been renewed for an 11th season, and celebrates drag queens of any sexual orientation or gender identity in all their fabulousness.

Says Ian McMahon, director of MCQP: “I’m pretty sure everyone will agree this year’s theme offers the most diverse opportunity for all MCQP enthusiasts to create teams of any outfits or costumes that can range from the most extreme masculine – racing car teams – to the absolutely fabulous strutting their stuff in high heels, the most outrageously sexy dresses, while wearing the most OTT wigs, eyelashes and heavy makeup – and everything in between. Expect to see muscle cars, touring bikes and lots of on-the-track grease and muscle.”

He adds: “With MCQP Presents: Drag Race there will most certainly not be a limitation on just how creative those attending can be, as it without a doubt embraces the diversity of our South African societies and above all else, recognises each individual’s uniqueness and authenticity – something that is close to our heart as the organisers of the event.”

Project manager of MCQP, Candice Heyns, further enthuses: “We’re tremendously excited to return to the Cape Town Stadium after five years as not only was this venue a firm favourite with MCQP fans in the past, but is just as iconicly part of the Mother City’s ‘makeup’ as what MCQP is. Flying over Cape Town, one almost expects a wink from what looks like an ‘eye in the sky’, perfectly adorned with what looks like heavy eyeliner. Every dance floor will be indoors to help with Cape Town’s notorious wind in December.”

Media personality and model Ewan Strydom, International DJ and project manager of MCQP Candice Heyns, and performer Sasha Le Strange

So which way will MCQP itself “swing” this year – more to the masculinity of the theme, or the feminine side? Replies Heyns: “Don’t limit us in our creativity. As usual, we have some very clever tricks up our sleeve and we don’t want to reveal too much prior to the actual event of what the venue will be dressed like. But one only has to look back at the last 24 years to see that when MCQP presents something, we present it big, original, creative and above all else – in a way that takes everyone pleasantly by surprise.”

MCQP Presents: Drag Race will offer a variety of dance floors, some of the best DJs from around the world, and several areas where drag racers can chill and take in what promises to be one of the best nights of the December festivities. The full line-up will be announced soon.

Early Bird tickets, from R370 for general access, R1500 VIP (includes all-night complimentary bar in VIP lounge area, VIP shows and staging, sweets ‘n snacks and trackside seats, fast track access and a private parking area, photo setups and more), as well as several other TEAM Package options like Racing Team for 10 (at R2700), Team 15 and Team 20 packages are now available at www.quicket.co.za

Limited Private Pitstop Trailers are on offer at R30 000 for 20 persons, which will include all the benefits of VIP and more. For more information, click here go to  or here. Join the conversation on social media – Twitter (@MCQP), Instagram (MCQP) and Facebook (ILikeMCQP).


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