Woolworths and The Good Life Show to drive sustainable food choices


RECOGNISING the global movement towards sustainability, environmental awareness, and the desire for making more informed decisions, The Good Life Show pioneered a fresh initiative and created a symposium which brings together a group of experts from the health, fitness, and wellness fields. This platform provides for all-encompassing information sharing session, featuring live demonstrations and interactive masterclasses, as well expert guidance on new and innovative product choices to suit a conscientious lifestyle.

As a responsible retailer, Woolworths makes it its business to understand the intricate link between what we consume and the health of our planet. The importance of making responsible and conscientious food choices, combined with sustainable business practices and the thoughtfully developed products on its shelves aligns perfectly with the objectives of the Good Life Show, so the partnership was born from a foundation of shared values.

“We are really excited to collaborate with the Good Life Show on what we believe is hugely important and stimulating subject matter when it comes to food, the planet and our people,” says Elizka Ferreira, Woolworths Head of Brand Communications for Foods. “At Woolworths we are always looking for new and interesting ways to improve on our offering, be it our processes or our products, and we’re sure this event will offer up some thoughtful ideas and ground-breaking practices for customers and businesses alike”.

The brand joins as headline sponsor for the Woolworths Good Life Show Kitchen, which comes to life with live cooking demonstrations showing spectators how best to incorporate healthy food options into their meals. Guests can also enjoy the Woolworths Masterclass Kitchen, allowing attendees the opportunity to participate in interactive masterclasses. Chefs’ demos will feature a range of Woolworths products, with particular focus on the plant-based range.

“The Good Life Show is an incredible platform for encouraging conversations around sustainability and conscious living,” says Marisa Munroe, Woolworths Head of Product: Foods Business Development and Central Product Development. “At Woolworths, we’re committed to offering our customers products that not only taste great but that also align with their values and contribute to a healthier planet. This partnership allows us to showcase our dedication to sustainable food choices and innovation, while also inspiring others to make informed decisions for a better future,” she adds.

The Good Life Show is open to all those who are seeking an improved, more sustainable, and conscious lifestyle, as well as food enthusiasts eager to explore new and innovative ingredients.

  • Cape Town: Friday, May 31 to Sunday, June 2, Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC)
  • Johannesburg: Friday, July 26 to Sunday, July 28, Kyalami International Convention Centre (KICC)
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